Latest Covid insurance advice for UK tourists ready for getaway after May 17

Vacationers are encouraged to check their health insurance before traveling overseas to make sure they are covered against illnesses or cancellations related to Covid.

Experts at International citizens insurance warn people to read the guidelines in case they need to cancel a trip or get sick while they are away.

Overseas vacation travel could resume for people of England on May 17 under Boris Johnson’s timetable to ease restrictions.

However, Joe Cronin, President of International Citizens Insurance, said, “As health insurance brokers, we work with thousands of expatriates, international citizens and travelers every month and they are concerned about being covered for Covid.

“Ensuring the health and well-being of you and your family is vital. My advice is always to review and review your policies to make sure you are covered, and if you don’t, to make sure you are covered before you set off.

“They should also provide regular protection, covering patients with coronavirus the same way they would be covered against the flu or other health conditions.”

Similar notices have also been issued on how to cancel travel if a destination is re-categorized under the UK Government’s proposed traffic light travel system.

New advice from insurance specialists Battlefield follows reports that the recommendations of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) may not be consistent with the “traffic light system” for international travel.

It stressed that its guidelines are fully applicable regardless of color changes under the UK government’s traffic light system.

Katie Crowe, director of communications for Battleface, said, “We are not actively encouraging people to travel to places that the FCDO advises against, we are simply offering them the opportunity to be covered in those countries.

“While vacation travel is currently banned, that’s likely to change soon. With a Battleface travel policy, you can rest assured and continue to be covered if your destination changes color or the FCDO council changes.”


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