Latest UK news headlines: Contaminated tap water alert, state pension changes and foreign travel update

Tap water in thousands of households could be contaminated with E. coli, warned a water company.

Sutton and East Surrey (SES) Water has advised people in parts of Kent and Surrey to boil their water as a “precautionary measure” after a routine test reveals a possible bacterial outbreak.

The company said the bacteria could “affect” water supplies to 6,500 properties, causing severe stomach pain, bloody diarrhea and kidney failure in humans and animals.

The 443 zip codes affected include houses in Oxted, Redhill, Horley, Biggin Hill, and Tonbridge.

SES Water issued an update later Friday night that a water sample from Westwood Water Treatment Works had tested positive for E.coli the previous day, but further tests in the past 24 hours showed no evidence that contaminated water had left the site.

SES Water advised customers to boil water and let it cool before using it for drinking, preparing meals, brushing teeth or giving away to pets.

The company added that once boiled water has cooled, it can be stored in the refrigerator, covered, and used within 24 hours.

The state pension payment rules will change for some people in 2022

The government has confirmed that it plans to change the rules for paying state pensions – but this will only affect a few people.

How payment is calculated when people move abroad will change as the UK has now left the EU. The State Pension Fund financially supports more than 12.6 million people in the UK each month.

It is available to those who have reached the UK Government’s Eligible Retirement Age, which is now 66 for both men and women.

Flu could kill 60,000 people this winter in the UK due to low immunity

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam warns British people not to be stung as war on flu begins.

The immunity to bugs after lockdowns is so low that they could kill 60,000, as expert modeling has shown, as from the. reported Daily mirror.

As a result, the 35 million people most at risk are being offered free flu shots.

The NHS launched a mission this winter to defend the UK against the flu and Prof. Jonathan Van-Tam is calling on the nation to defend itself with stings.

Government suspends non-essential travel advice for 51 countries and territories

The government is lifting its recommendation of unnecessary travel to another 51 countries and areas due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said the decision allowed people to “exercise personal responsibility”.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) will overturn its recommendations for the Bahamas, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Martinique, Palau, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Western Sahara on Friday.

The consultation for a further 42 locations will be lifted on Monday, including Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Indonesia, Mexico, the Seychelles, South Africa and Thailand.

It follows the removal of travel advisories to 32 countries on Wednesday and is part of a new policy that no longer advises British people to avoid all but essential travel to countries that are not on the red list for Covid-19 reasons, except for ” exceptional circumstances ”, z The local health system is overwhelmed.

Andy Murray’s wedding ring and shoes returned after the desert disappeared

Andy Murray’s wedding ring and tennis shoes were recovered after what appeared to be missing in the California desert.

The three-time major winner is preparing for the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells and left his tennis shoes to dry outside under his car overnight – but when he returned that morning they were nowhere to be seen.

And it wasn’t until his physiotherapist asked about his wedding ring that he realized he had tied the ring to his shoes.

In an Instagram video posted late Thursday and shared by the ATP Tour on Twitter, Murray said, “I just want to send a quick message to thank you for all of the news and everyone who shared the story about the shoes and the wedding ring.

“(I) had to make a few calls today and talk to security at the hotel and all that.

“Little update for everyone,” he said, lifting the shoes into view.

“Do you believe it, they still totally stink, but the shoes are back, the wedding ring is back and I’m back in the good books. Let’s go.”


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