Lawyers urge travellers to join legal action against Government over hotel quarantine stays

Travelers who paid thousands to quarantine hotels after returning from abroad have been urged to join a lawsuit against the government.

One law firm says it has initiated legal proceedings against the government and asked those concerned to register their details in order to be part of the lawsuit.

London-based PGMBM has previously requested a judicial review of regulations requiring travelers from a Red List country to spend 11 nights in a quarantine hotel at a cost of £ 2,285.

The rule also applies to travelers who have been fully vaccinated and tested negative for Covid-19.

PGMBM claims that such a blanket approach is an “unlawful deprivation of liberty” and a violation of human rights.

62 locations are currently on the red list, including Mexico, Tunisia, Turkey and much of South America and Africa.

Tom Goodhead, Managing Partner at PGMBM, said: “It is disappointing that the government has not yet realized that these policies are a fundamental violation of human rights.

“Lawful citizens who have been double vaccinated should be free from quarantine.

“The idea that they have to pay for the privilege of their own imprisonment is outrageous.”

The company said if the lawsuit was successful, double-vaccinated travelers would no longer need to be quarantined in hotels and the government could be asked to reimburse fees for those previously quarantined.

Mr Goodhead added: “The government should look at the measures taken by almost every other major country in Europe to exempt double vaccinated persons from all forms of quarantine, including hotel quarantine, which most countries consider too extreme to be implemented at all. ”

– “The people who ask us for help every day are not careless globetrotters. They’re usually people who have been forced to travel to look after relatives or attend their parents’ or sibling’s funerals, ”Goodhead said.

“Forcing them to do what the mass media has described as ‘worse than a prison’ is not only reprehensible but also illegal.”

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