Leaked Apple Documents Could Improve MacBook Pro Maintenance

Apple has been the victim of an invasion in recent weeks that resulted in a $ 50 million ransom demand so that technical and production schedules for its devices would not be released on the Internet. Even before the deadline, some of the documents were released – and they can now have a positive and coincidental effect.

According to a report by Vice, MacBook Pro maintenance experts use the information released to improve the quality of Apples laptop service. This is because the information helps maintenance professionals to better understand the operation and connection between internal components of the model, in detail Apple itself does not normally bid.

By understanding the logic boards of MacBooks, which are some of the most complex parts of the model and can result in expensive repair procedures, the group claims it can make less harmful adjustments and without affecting the stored data.

Hard choice

The ethical issue is complex: Experts share PDFs from outside to learn more about the models and improve fixes, even though they know it’s illegal to get them.

“I’m not saying I’m in favor of people hacking computers to get this information. I’d rather have her Apple and give $ 1,000 a year to get that information, ”said Louis Rossmann, head of a repair group. in the United States which was consulted by the original report.

Another professional in the same field says that diagrams alone cannot cause problems for the brand and only prove how it changes some internal elements with each generation.

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