Legacies 3×2: Rafael’s farewell and Hope’s solution

Season 3 of Legacies, a spin-off from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, continues to explore the boundaries between good and evil. In addition, the new episode proved that, as the title says, “Goodbyes is Sure by Suck” (or “Goodbye are a drug”).

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More details about the 3 × 2 episode of Legacies

The highlight of the episode was Rafael’s story. While he laughed at Landon for believing he was a descendant of King Arthur, his body began to betray him. He started to cough and pour out black blob. That is, the same symptom that preceded Chad’s death in the first episode of the new season.

Although the Salvatore School did its best to save him, we already knew that Rafael had only days to live.

In an emotional goodbye, he tells Hope that he is not afraid of dying. For him there are different versions of paradise and he will be your best day in an endless loop. As if it wasn’t enough to cry, he says his best day was with all the people he loved.

On top of that, Rafael also promised to enjoy every moment he had left. In fact, a comet was hovering over them and he planned to watch the phenomenon. So Hope had an idea. And if you’ve seen The Vampire Diaries and you remember Bonnie’s antics, you might already know what it is!

It uses the comet’s energy to transport it to an alternate reality that functions as a prison. This reality follows the forms he described from paradise – that is, it is his best day. Although it is a prison, Hope says that someone is only in prison when they are alone. Then his mother and father join him in this alternate universe. In fact, the decision was not that difficult, as the alleged prison does not have a full moons!

While parting with the Legacies character was exciting (Rafael was one of the original characters in the series, after all), this may not have been his final installment. That’s because, as we’ve seen before, these alternate worlds usually don’t last forever. So we can only wait to know what will happen to him in the future!

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