Legion to ‘stop selling poppies in the EU due to Brexit’

The Royal British Legion will reportedly stop selling poppies in the European Union due to post-Brexit bureaucracy.

The charity, which supports members and veterans of the UK Armed Forces, reportedly sent an email to supporters stating that it will “have to stop selling to customers in EU countries” for the foreseeable future until legislation is passed on Brexit passed is checked.

The newspaper i reported that it could not justify the costs, including customs duties, of shipping poppy seeds abroad after the UK left the EU’s Customs Union on Jan. 1.

Poppies are worn on Armistice Day in October and November, and the charity sells them to raise money for members of the armed forces, veterans, and their families.

It also sells a range of poppy jewelry, clothing, and accessories through its online poppy flower store. I said it saw a copy of the email sent to the backers.

A government spokeswoman told PA: “We are focused on helping UK organizations adapt to our new trade relationship with the EU.

“The work of the Royal British Legion and the money they raise through their annual poppy roll call is incredibly important and we will work with them to ensure they get the support they need to do their jobs in the EU.”

After the UK split from the EU, companies are faced with tough new rules.

Retailers, fishermen and fresh produce companies have complained that the new measures are delaying deliveries and increasing their costs due to the additional customs controls and paperwork.

London and Brussels are currently in a dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol after the UK government took unilateral action earlier this year to request an extension of the transition period.

The action was intended to seek to facilitate the movement of goods between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK after supermarket shelves in Northern Ireland were cleared in early 2021 due to export and import problems.

The move was criticized by Brussels and on Thursday the UK officially requested an extension that would allow sausages, burgers and ground beef to be shipped from the UK to Northern Ireland by Sept.

The European Commission is currently examining the application.


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