Let’s Get A Snippet Of The New iOS 14 Beta!

Let’s Get A Snippet Of The New iOS 14 Beta!

Let’s Get A Snippet Of The New iOS 14 Beta!: We all are well aware of this years WWDC event! After all, this years event was free-of-charge as well as was online due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.

However, this did not stop Apple from presenting its new creations! iOS 14’s announcement gained a lot of support from everyone. The sleek design and the widget extensions have made it harder for people to wait for it to release!

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The event started on 22nd June and went up to 26th June, giving us lots of expectations for iOS 14 and other announcements.

Let’s Get A Snippet Of The New iOS 14 Beta!

The new iOS 14 is possibly going to release around fall alongside the heavily rumoured iPhone 12. Until then, let us look into the new iOS 14 Beta and see if the hype is worth it or not!

On first glance, the iOS 14 does not look anything different. The places of the app don’t change. But, when you swipe to the right, it reveals an app library that covers all the apps in one place!

It is no secret that the new iOS 14 update gets compared to the Android add widgets, but, Apple is a step ahead by classifying the apps into a similar category. For example, Twitter and Instagram would be in the same ‘social media’ category.

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Widget Library

Honestly, we’re living for iPhone’s new iOS 14’s updates. In iOS 13, the widgets showed up when you swipe left on to Today’s View page. But now, you can directly pin your apps to the home screen.

Source: Tom’s Guide

The widget app looks like a large folder, but, it isn’t a folder. Rather, you can click on your preferred app, and it opens almost instantly! You can long-press on the screen and click on ‘plus’ button and the widgets gallery pops up.

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iOS 14 Beta: Other Details

We all have apps we rarely use however you can’t get rid of it, on the other iOS models, but on iOS 14, we can put those apps onto a page, and hide it. Technically, you can hide all the apps, but, that doesn’t make it fun!

One of the best features is that iOS 14 adds the ‘translation feature’ on our iPhone. It comes handy when conversing with foreign connections. The translators’ app, even voice translates the messages. How cool is that, huh!

Let us know if you have any updates on the new iOS 14!


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