Letterkenny season 9 : Release Date Has Been Confirmed ?

With everything happening in the world at this time, it is hardly surprising that viewers are eager to contact Letterkenny.

There is no denying that TV fans have found a fantastic deal to love while 2020 continues to be a horror show for many different reasons. Nonetheless, Jared Keeso’s beloved sitcom’s season stays expected.

The series started life but was commissioned coming in February 2016.

Ever since that time, it has gone on to make a fanbase over eight seasons that were excellent.


So when can we expect more?


Regardless, the launch date for Letterkenny Season 9 is yet to be confirmed.
Renewal for a season was verified therefore enthusiasts know to expect it.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has affected production generally, together with the vast majority of displays on a standstill in reaction to the pandemic.

With this in mind, we can expect quite the delay.

We anticipate we won’t be reached by the new season. Little is understood in the domain of narrative details, as for what we could expect, but we guess episodes will dive to the battle between skids the hicks along with the baseball players.

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