Letters From the February 8/15, 2021, Issue

No hope or change

To “Biden’s Selection: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” by Robert L. Borosage [Dec. 28, 2020/Jan. 4, 2021]: Joe Biden made it clear from the start of his campaign that he intended to bring the country back to the pre-Trump status quo and not move the needle forward an iota. Of course, the pandemic has forced him to make some changes to his program, but no one should be naive enough to expect a substantial or fundamental change in the root causes of the problems burned into our capitalist system – problems that Trump et al. simply exploited, as the article points out so well.
Lin Kaatz Chary

An open question

I really enjoyed Peter E. Gordon’s article on Theodor Adorno “The Scars of Democracy”. [Dec. 28, 2020/Jan. 4, 2021]especially his discussion of the concept of fascism within liberal democracy. But I was very surprised that when the word “commodity” entered the discussion, capitalism was no longer in the foreground than liberal democracy as the “basic metal” of fascism. Is it possible to have a liberal democracy without capitalism, or are the two intertwined?
Gregory Arnold

It’s time

To “The Center Didn’t Hold” by Elie Mystal [Dec. 28, 2020/Jan. 4, 2021]: For a few hundred years, Americans were taught that the electoral college should save us from demagogy. Whatever the original intention, the past four years have shown us the folly of that belief. It’s time to get rid of it before the next potential Trump pulls his act together well enough to succeed in what Trump was trying to do. He didn’t even have a rudimentary level of proficiency, but look at what he’s done. The electoral college can now be seen as a ticking time bomb.
Richard Bagby

Fly up, comrade

Kudos to Dave Zirin, who in just a few words captured the essence of a complicated and complex character, defiant and contradictory, as charismatic as he was short [“Diego Maradona (1960–2020),” Dec. 28, 2020/Jan. 4, 2021]. Maradona livedDespite the obstacles, life threw on him. We will miss his unpredictable and often untreated charm, as will the man for the icon he was.
Antony Esuk

Thank you for your kind and heartfelt words that do justice to a person who used their skills as the best athlete of all time to stand up for political sovereignty, economic independence and social justice. Vuela Alt Diego!
Pablo Sadler

higher mathematics

Brandon Hasbrouck suggests counting the black votes twice [“The Argument: Double-Count All Black Votes,” Dec. 28, 2020/Jan. 4, 2021]. This proposal would violate the “one person, one vote” rule and is therefore unconstitutional.
Edmund Rosner


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