LG launches its flexible panel TV in Spain, at a price of 99,999 euros

LG: In the world of televisions, the LG brand is one of the best considered, especially in the current 4K UHD stage, by those looking for a panel that shows them perfect blacks without backlighting. The brand is also one of those who always want to surprise the user, something they have already done by presenting a fully transparent OLED flat screen TV.

Also a design that was first shown in 2017 and is already real: a flexible screen TV that can be rolled up and stored for new use.

LG signature OLED R

Imagine having some kind of long but very narrow design table from which suddenly a panel pops out and rolls out before your eyes, then turns on and becomes a 65 inch 4K television that, when you’re done with it, rolls up again. itself and disappears. It’s not Back to the Future Part 2 – you’ve imagined this technology 32 years ago: here’s what the LG Oled R (model RX), a rollable TV, does it right before your eyes.

Of course, it is not as easy as ordering and having it delivered the next day, because from the time you order it to the time you receive it, 4 months pass: each Oled R is produced to order, assembled and with the hand finished. LG factory production professionals in South Korea, hence the lead time.

More expensive than in Korea

As it usually goes through customs, taxes, VAT, etc., the price changes from one market to another. In South Korea, the sales price of the Signature OLED R was 100 million won, an exchange rate of € 74,759. Here in Spain, that price rises by more than € 25,000.

And that’s what always happens: innovation is paid at the price of gold until the technology is standardized. Shall LG design prevails and will we see more TVs from other brands in this style?

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