Libel case against Tommy Robinson to begin at High Court

A Syrian student’s libel suit against Tommy Robinson on charges of assaulting classmates is set to begin in the High Court.

English Defense League founder Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is being sued by Jamal Hijazi, who was attacked in the Almondbury School playground in Huddersfield in November 2018.

Shortly after the video went viral, Robinson claimed in two Facebook videos viewed by nearly a million people that Jamal “is not innocent and violently assaults young English girls at his school”.

The 38-year-old also claimed Jamal “hit a girl black and blue” and “threatened to stab another boy at his school,” which the teenager denies.

The High Court previously ruled that Robinson’s statements meant that Jamal “participated as part of a gang in a violent assault on a young girl who inflicted serious injuries on her.”

The court also found that Robinson’s statements meant that Jamal “threatened to stab another child at school,” which Robinson defends because they are essentially true.

An eight-day trial will begin on Wednesday at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, with evidence from Jamal and Robinson, as well as from students and school staff, at the time of the incident.

Robinson will represent himself at the trial after telling the High Court last month that he “cannot afford a lawyer”.

He also admitted secretly taping conversations with school staff and telling the court that “I felt I had to do this” in order to gather evidence in support of his defense.

Jamal’s attorneys previously told the court that Robinson’s “racial abuse” led to the teenager and his family being attacked by “far-right activists”.

The trial before Justice Nicklin is due to be completed next Friday and is expected to make his decision at a later date.


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