Lidl Christmas ad 2021 is here with a look at Christmas future

Today Lidl aired its much-anticipated Christmas 2021 campaign, which gives customers a winking glimpse of what the retailer might look like for the Christmas of the future.

The present day advertising begins with the night owls sitting down for a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, presenting Lidl’s delicious festive offerings and a typical Christmas family chat. Viewers are then surprised by another scene from the same group at the Christmas table, this time set decades in the future, complete with a state-of-the-art turkey carving laser and the news that some family members have moved to the moon.

The next iteration shows an even more futuristic Christmas dinner, with the same family still enjoying Lidl’s festive dishes at “Lidl” prices. In keeping with Lidl’s famous humor, the ad shows that even if we laser carve turkeys, we will always be Lidl on price, showing its commitment to quality and value no matter what the future looks like and what its mission is to buyers Always prepare a Christmas they can believe in.

In addition, the bizarre commercial shows not only its interpretation of what Christmas Day could look like in decades, but also a future with talking dogs, floating plates and eye-controlled cameras.

The ad features a variety of delicious Lidl Christmas products at great prices, including Deluxe Pigs in Blankets, Lidl’s Superbly Rated Crémant de Loire (£ 8.49), new for this year Vegan Garland and a full festive selection with a UK free range range Turkey.

Lidl Christmas ad 2021 is here with a look at Christmas future 1

Viewers will also get a preview of Lidl’s new 2021 Christmas jumper (and what it might look like in the years to come) that one of the characters will wear throughout the ad.

Claire Farrant, Marketing Director at Lidl UK, said: “After a few challenging years, the nation wants to look ahead rather than backwards, which is why we have put our carefree advertising decades into the future.

Lidl Christmas ad 2021 is here with a look at Christmas future 2

“This is a grocery retailer first for Christmas and we believe Lidl is best able to get our customers there! Given our commitment to be big on the quality and price of Lidl this year, we wanted show with our Christmas advertisement that we really always mean. ” , no matter what the future has in store for us! “

The spot premieres on Coronation Street tonight.


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