Lidl staff praised for keeping cool with 'abusive' customers not wearing masks

A Lidl executive in Cork, Ireland refused to serve two customers who were not wearing face masks. The couple verbally “verbally abused” the worker and accused him of “discrimination” and “breaking the law”.

See how Lidl managers in Charleville stay cool with “verbally abusive” customers without masks

A video has surfaced in which a Lidl managing director stays cool while he refuses to serve a few customers without masks who have “verbally abused” him.

The two customers did not provide the staff with any valid medical reasons for shopping maskless at the low-cost supermarket in Cork, Ireland.

In a clip in the series, filmed by one of the customers involved, the manager is accused of “breaking the law” Cork Live reported.

The manager sitting behind the cash register says “I’m not” and takes the customer’s items – a multipack of chips and a bouquet of flowers – from the conveyor belt.

Then he is asked why he asked for “private medical information”.

The customer claims that the manager “discriminates” against him
The couple did not alert staff to medical conditions, reports say

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“I’m just telling you that your invitation to shop here has been removed,” the manager said, adding that it was “because of the way (they) talked to him”.

Then he reveals his name and claims to be the store manager, while the duo keep checking each other to see if the scenario is being shot.

“Thank you, have a nice evening,” says the manager coolly.

The customer then declares that “this is discrimination”, whereupon his invitation to shop was removed.

“So are we going to be removed from the store?”

“Yes thank you.”

Similar incidents were recorded across Ireland last week as the holiday season started along with a sharp spike in Covid cases.

A video surfaced earlier this week of a maskless man giving homophobia to staff at a Dublin cafe.

After his tirade, he left, but only returned a short time later, to continue verbally abusing the staff before allegedly assaulting a worker outside the coffeehouse.

The staff were “afraid” that he would return with a gun.

Lidl issued a statement on the Cork incident stating: “There was an incident in our Charleville store where a customer verbally insulted our store team.

“The store manager refused to serve the customer and asked them to leave the store.

“Lidl will not tolerate abuse of our hard-working front-line teams who have diligently served their local communities since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Lidl requires that face masks be worn when shopping in our stores in accordance with government guidelines. Lidl’s signage clearly requires that all customers suffering from medical conditions that would exempt them from legal requirements should proactively contact a member of the management team to inform them of this.

“The customer did not make the team aware of this on this occasion and was then abused.”

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