Lidl's mouth-watering three-in-one Easter egg goes on sale

It’s not Easter yet, but shops across the country are already filled with chocolate eggs, cakes, and hot buns ready to use for the holiday.

While there is an abundance of sweet treats out there, Lidl has brought out an egg that could satisfy everyone’s cravings at once.

The budget supermarket chain Lidl has reportedly created the three-in-one Easter egg Deluxe Ultimate Fruit & Nut The mirror.

The luxurious three-in-one chocolate egg costs just £ 9.99 and offers everyone a choice of taste.

The egg contains three different layers of chocolate, each with a different dessert-inspired taste.

The outer layer is an off-white tiramisu milk chocolate topped with toasted chopped hazelnuts for a fantastic crunch.

Inside is another egg made from a dark chocolate inspired by Black Forest cake. The egg is topped with sour cherries, which gives the middle layer both a sweet and sour taste.

In the middle of the egg is the last layer, which is a smooth and silky white chocolate with a panna cotta flavor, dusted with brightly colored pistachios and dried raspberry pieces.

The Deluxe Ultimate Fruit & Nut Easter Egg is now available across the country for us to purchase on April 4th.

Easter fans will also be delighted with Lidl’s Deluxe Extra Premium Easter eggs. These luxury treats cost £ 5.99 each and come in two delicious flavors to suit a range of tastes.

For shoppers looking to pamper their senses, the zesty Deluxe Valencian Orange Milk Chocolate Easter Egg is a great choice, while the Deluxe Honeycomb Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is perfect if you have an especially sweet tooth. These Easter treats are now available in stores.


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