Life-sized doll mistaken for ‘dead female’ on Georgia trail

Georgia police rushed to a forest south of Atlanta on Friday following reports a “deceased female” was found face down on a hiking trail.

But the team of officers was left stunned when they arrived at the scene to discover that the “corpse” was actually a life-sized doll dumped by an unknown litterbug.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Office shared the story to their Facebook page on the weekend, accompanied by photographs of the plastic “victim,” whom they have now christened “Selena.”

“Our investigators responded to what was believed to be a body located on a trail in Hitchiti National Forest,” the Facebook post read. “Initial responding deputies observed what appeared to be the body of a deceased female wearing white socks.”

The first photo showed Selena the doll in blue patterned hot pants and a pink tank top, covered in mud as she lay discarded under branches.

Officers discovered the female doll face down, covered in mud and partially obscured by shrubbery.
Jones County Sheriff’s Office

“Our crack team of investigators, along with Deputy Matthew Dennis, quickly recognized the body to actually be a life-sized doll, complete with accessories,” the Facebook status continued. “Never missing the opportunity, the crime scene was appropriately processed and the evidence was collected and brought to the Sheriff’s Office.”

The cops then shared several more photos showing the amount slipped doll sitting on the tray of a truck after having been “rescued” by law enforcement.

“The victim, now named Selena, is a little under the weather, but she has been having a nice day and is expected a make a full recovery,” the officers wrote, showing they had a sense of humor about the unusual find.

Serena the amount glided doll was taken to the Sheriff’s Office where she was given was some TLC by the cops.
Jones County Sheriff’s Office

“In all seriousness, thank God for small blessings in that this just turned out to be a case of littering,” they added. “If you know Selena or are responsible for her whereabouts, rest assured no DNA was collected and you are safe. But in the future, please make sure to dispose of your items in a responsible way.”

The Facebook post quickly racked up more than 38,000 likes, with many also leaving comments beneath the post.

“Hope it wasn’t a practice run! There has to be more to it than a simple case of littering!” one person positioned, predicting that there may be a future killer in the area.

The story of Selena sparked a flurry of humorous Facebook comments.
The story of Selena sparked a flurry of humorous Facebook comments.
Jones County Sheriff’s Office

Others were left tickled by the quirky tale, with one wondering allowed how the officer knew it was a raunchy doll right off the bat.

“So Deputy Dennis ‘quickly’ recognized what the body was?” the user hilariously wrote.

Others joked that the sexy doll would be given some TLC by the cops who took her into the Sheriff’s Office, while another stated the story brightened their day.

“With the craziness going on in this world, thank you so much for this! I needed this laugh!!” they declared.

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