‘Like’ statement surprising from Instagram CEO

Instagram, which has decided in recent months to remove the number of likes, has activated it on popular accounts with a blue check mark. However, there was no change in standard users. Since the beginning of this week, some Instagram users have noticed that the number of likes in their posts is hidden.

Instagram officials said it was a mistake and then announced they had fixed the error. However, a remarkable statement came from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri on the matter.

Mosseri stated in the video he shared on his Twitter account that the idea of ​​keeping the number of likes a secret from others is a polarizing one.

Surprising statement from Instagram CEO

In 2019, Instagram announced that it would hide the number of likes that users see on the homepage. Although a long time has passed, the function testing process is still ongoing. However, not much has been developed with regard to the function so far.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated he was not keen on the idea of ​​completely hiding similar numbers. “This is clearly a very polarizing idea. Currently this position is not for those who are not interested; We have started investigating whether it is possible for us to only offer it to interested parties. So be prepared to hear more from us in the next month or maybe two months. said.

In fact, the research that Instagram’s CEO cites in his statement is not new. Application developer Alessandro Paluzzi unveiled a new feature in the analysis of Instagram’s source codes using the reverse engineering method. The feature in question leaves users’ choice to hide or show the number of likes in the posts completely.

As the feature comes to life, two new options will be added to the menu section of the posts we post on Instagram: “show matched numbers” and “hide likes”. If the number of likes in your shares is hidden, you can make the number of likes available to everyone again by clicking the “show” button. Although the number of likes to your audience is public, you can make them private by clicking the “hide” button. It remains unclear when these features will become public.

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