34+ Lilo and Stitch Pick up Lines

Lilo and stitch are two of the most popular characters on the internet. So it’s no surprise that people have started using them as pickup lines.

Whether you’re looking to make a witty comment, or just want to try something new, these cute disney pick lines will have you cackling with laughter in no time. So put on your best sass-mouth and get ready to use some of the best Lilo and Stitch pick up lines around!

Lilo and Stitch Pick up Lines

  1. Nice wood, and I’m not talking about the surfboard.
  2. You disciplined your dog? How about I discipline you?
  3. I hear they call you big kahuna, you could surf my wave any day.
  4. It’s Thursday, How about I feed your Pudge a sandwich.
  5. I paid two dollars for you
  6. You think it’s fancy?
  7. I like your butt and fancy hair.
  8. He is fire-proof, bullet-proof, and can think faster than super computer. He can see in the dark, and lift objects three thousand times his size. His only instinct… to destroy everything he touches!
  9. Your koala is going to eat me!
  10. I’m sorry I bit you… and pulled your hair… and punched you in the face… but I just want your number.
  11. Yeah, I wrote about it in my diary.
  12. You want to take a spin on my Hawaiian roller coaster ride?
  13. Your koala is so fluffy!
  14. I believe you actually… created something.
  15. Oh yes, mm-hmm, all of our dogs are adoptable” Pick whichever you’d like.
  16. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.
  17. My friends need to be punished. Are you into that?
  18. Is that a fire dance in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?
  19. This is your badness level, in your pants. It’s unusually high for someone your size.
  20. I’ll show you my Jumbas for a peak at your Nani.
  21. Can I stuff you in my barrel?
  22. You were built to destroy, but I’d let you destroy me any day.
  23. Ach! Leave my mother out of this!
  24. You’re vile! You’re foul! You’re flawed! Get in my bed NOW!
  25. My dog is acting up, could you spray it for me?
  26. I can’t even pet it! It keeps staring at me, like it’s gonna eat me!
  27. I had my head chewed on by a monster.
  28. I hear your a Lolo in the sheets.
  29. Oh no! Gravity is increasing on me!
  30. At least a rabbit would behave better than you!
  31. Can’t you go any faster?
  32. My bedroom is little, and I don’t have many toys… But if you want, you could join me in it.
  33. Landing there would create mass mayhem and planet-wide panic!
  34. Uh, your head looks… swollen.
  35. Last name Bubbles? Let me see if you live up to that name…


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