Line of Duty fans celebrate as Hastings says fan favourite line

Fans of the hit crime thriller Line of Duty were cheered on their screens after a character finally uttered one of the show’s most popular lines.

The celebrations came after Superintendent Ted Hastings, played by Adrian Dunbar, brought out a fan favorite line that has become the character’s unofficial catchphrase.

Hastings heads Anti-Corruption Division 12 (AC-12), which is charged with investigating corrupt police officers on the show.

And as the head of AC-12, Hastings is known for hating shady cops – but those aren’t the words he would use to describe corrupt cops.

His worn-out phrasing has become a hit with Line of Duty fans, but he didn’t say the words in the first episode of the latest series.

But fans finally got what they wanted tonight when Hastings uttered the immortal words: “I care about one thing and only one thing.

“And that’s bent copper.”

When the first time Hastings said “bent coppers” went wild on the show’s sixth series, many took to Twitter to celebrate.

Viewer Pippa Jones visited the social media site to explain the feeling in her home: “Me and Tobes just hit the air … … Bent Coppers!”

Hannah Wood tweeted a clip of Meryl Streep yelling at an awards ceremony, along with the headline, “All of Britain calls out ‘bent coppers’ on TV when Ted says he’s only interested in one thing.”

Meanwhile, dozens of memes and pictures of curved 1p and 2p coins have been posted on social media to mark the line.

Niamh Marley Ashford summed up the thoughts of everyone who saw the show with this tweet: “Ted Hastings says ‘I’m only interested in one thing – catching bent coppers’ and a nation rejoices and goes to bed happy.”

Line of Duty runs every Sunday at 9 p.m. on BBC One.


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