Line of Duty fans react as James Nesbitt makes appearance in show

Line of Duty fans reacted after Cold Feet and Bloodlands star James Nesbitt made a surprise appearance on the show.

In the episode on Sunday evening, his picture appears as an AC-12 glimpse into the story of Detective Inspector Marcus Thurwell.

Thurwell’s name had been mentioned on a previous season of the show in connection with the murder of Oliver Stephens-Lloyd.

Neither his photo nor his actual person was on screen at the time – but that has now changed and people are wondering what that could mean.

“Ooh, Jimmy Nesbitt, great casting!” said a Twitter user within moments of his picture appearing.

Thomas Pearson said on Twitter, “Honestly, just saw Bloodlands last week. I can’t deal with two series in a row where Jimmy Nesbitt is a bent copper!”

On a related topic, Tim Galsworthy said: “We already know that James Nesbitt is a bent copper #Bloodlands So that should save AC-12 some time. ”

Cameron Yarde Jnr simply said, “JAMES NESBITT!?! WHAT!?!”

Tracey Sparkes took a step ahead and said, “If James Nesbitt is H after all this, I’ll throw in the towel.”

Picking up on the same topic, another Twitter user said, “I’m not sure how I would feel if James Nesbitt is H. I prefer to have a character we already know.”

Lots of people had to check social media to see if the person they’d actually seen was Nesbitt.

One even said, “Has Jimmy Nesbitt been there before and I’ve forgotten? Or is this new information? Another episode that was posted on Google.”

In the final episode, Steve Arnott and Chloe Bishop investigate what journalist Gail Vella was working on before her murder.

They discover that Vella was investigating the 2003 death of a man named Lawrence Christopher and whether his death was caused by police incompetence or even corruption.

They also revealed that the chief investigator in the case was none other than Marcus Thurwell.

Arnott then shows a photo of Thurwell on his computer screen.

Lo and behold, the audience then sees a photo of Nesbitt as the character.

Another photo also shows Nesbitt’s character in Spain.

Arnott announced that Thurwell has retired and moved abroad and has not heard from it in a few years.

The actor recently said he was “upset” that he was never asked to appear on the BBC police drama.

In a February interview, he told the Radio Times, “I said, ‘Come on, Jed, when do we get the opportunity to work together? ‘Although Line of Duty has been filmed here for years, I was never considered for which has always annoyed me easily. “


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