Line of Duty star hints identity of H is already exposed

Line of Duty is finally back on our screens for the sixth time tonight, but Adrian Dunbar has claimed H’s identity has already been revealed.

The star plays Superintendent Ted Hasting, who was accused of being H in season five of the BBC cop drama.

However, his innocence prevailed when AC-12 discovered that H was indeed a group of corrupt, high-ranking police officers involved in organized crime.

There’s still one member of the infamous gang whose identity remains anonymous, but 55-year-old showrunner Jed is known for dropping clues within individual seasons that are ultimately related.

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Speaking before the season six premiere tonight, Adrian stated that one of the greatest secrets of all may not be this secret. The Daily Express reports.

He said, “The quality of the left panel, the type of page turning and page turning, where these bad guys are from.

“But there are clues that look back on the show if you want to find it,” he explained, but didn’t directly suggest the identity of the final H member.

However, given the preparation for season six, which will revolve around the corrupt organization, it is likely that the actor hinted at it.

He added, “And I know a lot of our people who are really enlightened and the fans notice things that are happening, the very subtle things that Jed is taking in that direction are pointing you in the right direction.”

What can we expect from Season 6?

With that in mind, could any signs that the final member of H be either Hastings, Kate Fleming (played by Vicky McClure), or Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) be a big red herring?

And maybe clues from last season suggest that another longtime character is actually the final piece of the puzzle.

Right now, fans know the identities of three H members, including Deputy Police Chief Derek Hilton (Paul Higgins) and DI Matthew Cottan (Craig Parkinson).

Gill Biggeloe (Polly Walker), Senior Legal Counsel, was the third member of the explosive season five finale.

Fans look forward to the highly anticipated return of Line of Duty

The latter had tried to pin Hastings down as a member of the corrupt organization, but unfortunately she wasn’t as smart as she thought.

There are still a few potential characters, including Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin), who interrogated Hastings at the end of season five, and DCI Ian Buckells (Nigel Boyle), who made his last appearance in season four.

Police and crime detective Rohan Sindwhani (Ace Bhatti) also seemed pretty seedy at the end of season five, so he could be the last member of H.

Viewers have to wait and see if the sixth season brings the H-narrative to a close or if more questions are asked.

How was the show filmed during the pandemic?

The show will also feature new season six characters, including Kelly Macdonald (right).

To film the final season of the drama at a high octane rating, the cast and crew formed multiple support bubbles as production continued within the pandemic.

Speaking about the work behind the scenes, Adrian said, “We did it like Covid didn’t happen and we’ve found work practices that really please insurers.”

“If you stick to the right protocols, things will work out for you.”

“It was hard. We had to stay in bubbles. Myself, Martin and Vicky had to stay in our own little bubble and work with the various departments,” the actor continued.

Line of Duty star hints identity of H is already exposed 1

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He added, “Masks, hand sanitizers, tested twice a week, temperature tests every morning … the whole lot. We did it, but it was our boss and showrunner Jed Mercurio who was very strict. “

Fans can’t wait to see what season six has to offer. One writes on Twitter: “Oooh yes, the new season of #LineofDuty is coming soon! Great news.”

Another wrote: “In the run-up to the new season of #LineOfDuty, I’ve watched the previous seasons again and am ready for the start of the Twitter“ Who is H? “. I am convinced that it is not: Ted Hastings or Kate Fleming. “

Line of Duty returns on BBC One from 9 p.m. tonight.


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