173+ Famous & Inspirational Lion Quotes & Captions

Do you know the best way to get through a tough situation? According to lion quotes, it’s to keep your head held high and stay focused on the task at hand. Lion quotes remind us that we can overcome any obstacle if we’re determined enough, and that there is always hope. So whether you’re feeling down about a difficult situation or just need a pick-me-up, check out these inspiring lion quotes. They’ll help you get through anything!


Lion Quotes

Lion Quotes

Lion Quotes provide inspiring and motivational sayings about lions. These quotes can help you when you’re feeling down about a situation, or when you need a bit of positive encouragement. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or some advice for when the tough times hit, these Lion Quotes are sure to help.

  1. “Come to the zoo where we celebrate everyone’s favorite king of beasts. Stop by anytime this weekend to see our lion family!”
  2. “Say Hello to our newest lion friend, Chloe! Here’s a photo of her getting accustomed to her new habitat.”
  3. “You’re a lion. And you need a haircut.”
  4. “Life’s simple pleasures, like being with good people, make all the difference.”
  5. “Lion — you are the most social of all cats; Animated, playful, and friendly. Even your natural enemies can’t help but love you!”
  6. “You can’t tame the lion within—but you can hold it.”
  7. “If you fancy a tasty and juicy steak, then hurry up and visit ! We will satisfy all your cravings.”
  8. “When you’re truly present in the moment and free of judgment, you’re more powerful than you ever imagined.”
  9. “It’s hard not to feel like a rock star when you’re a lion around.”
  10. “Deeply connected. Deeply rooted. You and me together.”
  11. “Effortless. A pair of lions just chilling out.”
  12. “They’re just like us: sticking their tongues out, petting their friend, or doing the “lion call.”
  13. “You don’t have to be big to be important”
  14. “Hello, my name is Simba. I like long walks on the beach and giving hugs.”
  15. “Be bold. Be brave. Be you, always.”
  16. “Lions are the only social cats—and that’s why you’ll always see them hanging together in groups of 20-30.”
  17. “Haze through the sun, this world ain’t big enough for both of us.”
  18. “May you always be filled with the warmth of sunshine, The sweetness of friendship, and the light of laughter.”
  19. “No caption here. Just a cute lion picture will do.”
  20. “Roar! Have an epic week, friends!”

Savage Lion Quotes

Savage Lion Quotes

In life, it’s important to stay true to yourself. And that means never forgetting the lessons you’ve learned, no matter how hard things get. That’s why we’ve collected some of the most inspirational savage lion quotes for you to reflect on and keep in mind during tough times. They will help you remember that you’re not alone, and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. “Lion’s got his spots, but that’s not all there is. This big cat has a big heart too.”
  2. “We’re not the king of the jungle. We’re just king of our domain.”
  3. “Lion, you’re the King of the Jungle! You are strong and brave!”
  4. “Hey, we’re just like you. No, really. We love a good nap under the sun and a nice scratch behind the ears.”
  5. “You’re a lion, and I’m a lion, and do you ever feel that we just wanna be freeeeeeee?”
  6. “We’re in the jungle, but we’re not scared…”
  7. “The king of the jungle has no problem doing his own fashion week walk.”
  8. “Wake up from your slumber and chase after the light!”
  9. “There are many ways to approach them. Whatever you choose, remember: lions respect boldness.”
  10. “I’m the king of the jungle, but I constantly have to watch my back.”
  11. “Make your roar heard this weekend.”
  12. “Welcome to my den.”
  13. “I’m the king of the jungle…but you can call me dad.”
  14. “It’s a jungle out there. Keep it classy, man.”
  15. “If you’re a lion, howl at the moon. If you’re not a lion, go ahead and howl anyway.”
  16. “Hi, we’re all lions. We’re on Instagram and we want to be your friend”
  17. “Put your paws together for an end-of-week treat”
  18. “Over the years, we’ve learned that lions are social animals. They hunt in groups, rest together and even sleep next to each other. They’re also very protective of their young family members.”
  19. ” Be a king at the office today “
  20. “Lion- a majestic creature that is pretty strong and daring.”
  21. “Happy Friday! Have a #great weekend with this video of some cubs in a boat.”
  22. “Let me roar for you.”
  23. “We’re not perfect but together we can be.”
  24. “We’re all like Simba, sometimes wanting to roar and sometimes needing to hide. But we’re all together on this.”
  25. “We’re all lions in our ways. Roar on with our wide selection of styles.”
  26. “We’re feeling pretty good, even though we have to sit around with this mane. But at least it’s nice and soft.”
  27. “What an early morning start. It’s going to be a great day!”
  28. “Your wild is showing.”
  29. “There’s more to a lion than fur and fangs. At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park we’re on a mission to help protect these amazing animals, so you can see them for yourself!”
  30. “Waking up from a good dream with all of our favorite people by our side.”

Strong Lion Quotes

Strong Lion Quotes

In today’s world, it’s important to have strong Lion quotes to keep you going during tough times. These inspiring quotations will help you stay on track, even when things get tough. Whether you’re feeling down about a difficult situation or just need a little encouragement, these quotes will help you stay strong. So pick one or several of your favorite Lion quotes, and start living life to the fullest!

  1. “Lions rule the African savanna.”
  2. “We’re all lion cubs at heart.”
  3. “This is what I’m talking about.”
  4. “It’s National Lion Day! So come on, let your roar loose and feel the spirit of these beautiful felines that are so graceful and agile.”
  5. “Hey, you! We’ve got some summer fun for you right here.”
  6. “To protect us from danger, we have lions.”
  7. “Lion. King of the jungle. Animal Kingdom’s most charismatic creature. Join us as we celebrate this majestic animal in all its glory.”
  8. “You’ll be a lion if you don’t follow us on Instagram.”
  9. “Have a full nap time!”
  10. “We’re your next-door neighbors, but we’re also your safari guides. Wanna go on an adventure? Visit us in Times Square and let’s discover the wild together.”
  11. “Come to Africa and join the lion pride.”
  12. “I’m the king of the jungle, baby. Also, I’m a chill dude who hangs with penguins and dances with hippos.”
  13. “Hello, I’m Lion! I love a good flat lay as much as the next cat”
  14. “There’s more to us than meets the eye. When you hear our roar, we’re in your corner.”
  15. “Dear deer: When you go out in the woods tonight, be sure to take your best lion with you… me!”

Fearless Lion Quotes

  1. “The lion is one of God’s most beautiful creations.”
  2. “The lion represents leadership and courage.”
  3. “Lions are not born, they are made by circumstances.”
  4. “If you want to be a part of our pride, you must hunt with us. If you can hunt with us, then you can be one of us.”
  5. “The lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.”
  6. “The lion is a symbol of courage, strength and power.”
  7. “Live like a lion, think like a lion, work like a lion, play like a lion.”
  8. “The lion represents greatness and strength.”
  9. “You have to be brave if you want to be a leader.”
  10. “The lion is the king of all animals.”
  11. “You are the king of your jungle. You are the lion, and you are the strongest animal in this world.”
  12. “A lion is not afraid of the storm, because his strength lies in his heart; not in his roar.”
  13. “If you have a dream, it’s not a dream. It’s a goal. And if you’re working towards that goal, it becomes a plan, and if you work hard enough and believe in yourself, someday you might just find yourself living your dream.”
  14. “Never underestimate the power of a lion.”

Lion Captions

  1.  Every lion needs a king, but sometimes it needs to be the lion.
  2. Life is like a lion, it isn’t how you survive the roars, but how you roar back.
  3. Say hello to the weekend with a spritz of Lion.
  4. Lion. Mane of the jungle. King of the canopy. All hail the king, who roars and purrs his love for you.
  5. You are the king of your domain.
  6. We wanna see your lion. We wanna hear your roar. Put a lion on your profile picture, post the photo and tag us in it to win tickets to our festival!
  7. I am the king of the jungle.
  8. You’re the king of your jungle. Kings don’t choose. They lead.
  9. Bold. Fierce. Independent. We are a family of Lions and when we roar together, we can move mountains.
  10. We’re all kings and queens, keep on the look for your crown.
  11. Wanna see how long it takes for me to get bored of a dog’s face? Two seconds.
  12. Wander with your friends over to our lion page and choose your adventure.
  13. Wake up with a roar and the world will hear you.
  14. Meerkat Manor meets The Lion King.
  15. You’re the king of the jungle, but you’re not the king of my heart.
  16. Do play with me. I promise I won’t bite… hard.
  17. Hey #lion, we see your mane and raise you a furry face.
  18. Be brave, have adventures, and always be kind to others.
  19. The lion is an enigmatic creature that intrigues me. It can also be a dangerous animal.
  20. There’s a lion in all of us so come on and let it roar!
  21. Hi, my name is Lion. What’s yours?
  22. They’re not just your favorite animal, they’re your spirit animal.
  23. Hello, it’s me. And I want to be in your next adventure.
  24. The mighty jungle is calling us.
  25. We’re known for being King of the Jungle, but we’ve got a soft spot for kitties.
  26. Lions are the only truly social big cat, with a strong group identity and pride in life. They hunt communally and eat with their cubs.
  27. Lion never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep.
  28. You’ll find us at the top of every jungle, on top of every hill, and at the peak of every mountain. Now sharing our stories with the world .
  29. How do you make your mark?
  30. I’m the lion king… I’m the lion king… and you’re not.

Lion Leadership Quotes

  1.  “For the small things in life, like a fresh pint of Lion.”
  2. “Let’s be honest, the lionesses do all the work while our manes stay perfect and pristine.”
  3. “We show you a world that’s just like yours. But with more lions.”
  4. “In the forest, there is so much more to see if you look up.”
  5. “The lion is the king of the jungle. Let your roar echo across the cityscape…even if you’re more of a pussycat.”
  6. “We’re different. Find out what that means to you.”
  7. “You’re much more relaxed now that you’re home in the jungle.”
  8. “I might not be the king of the jungle, but I still rule .”
  9. “Lion. Heart of a King, Strength of a Warrior. King of the Jungle or Cat-lover? Wild at heart.”
  10. “Wondering who’s the king of the jungle?”
  11. “Lion. King of the jungle, Emperor of the savannah, Sultan of the Serengeti. All hail the king.”
  12. “There have been a lot of lion sightings around here, but we’re just going to ignore it. That’s just our policy, though.”
  13. “Under the gaze of the king, no one is a stranger. Happy Pride Month, the lion king.”
  14. “You don’t have to be a king to rule.”
  15. “None of us are as strong as all of us.”
  16. “Like a lion I’m ready to go full-throttle on my goals.”
  17. “Be the king of your jungle.”
  18. “Hi, I’m Lion and you’re beautiful.”
  19. “Let’s all roar for the first day of fall!”
  20. “Happy National Lion Day!”
  21. “Say hello to your new pack leader.”
  22. “The King of the Jungle and it is your time to roar “
  23. “I’m ready for a good meal, some quality family time, and a nap. Just your typical day at the office. What do you have planned?”
  24. “A lion’s heart is gentle until it is time to defend. Do not provoke a lion.”
  25. “I’m so proud to say that I am a Lion.”
  26. “We roar for a reason.” – Lion King
  27. “Playful, mischievous, courageous, and extroverted.”
  28. “You have to have a good roar before you can sound like this.”
  29. “A lion never roars in vain—it only roars to express excitement, happiness, and confidence.”
  30. “There’s a lion in everyone.”

Love Lion Quotes

  1.  “Let’s go on an adventure together. I will guide you on where to go and when.”
  2. “Lion. King of the Jungle, King of the Prideland.”
  3. “The lion is the most social of all big cats, living in close-knit family groups called pride. They are active during the day, primarily in the early morning and late afternoon.”
  4. “I’m not a lion but I can still growl and roar.”
  5. “Lions are believed to be the first animal that man tried to tame.”
  6. “Hear we roar! Get an extra dose of a lioness in your life.”
  7. “Nothing more to do but wait for the meal to come to you.”
  8. “Hey hey — we make your world moves.”
  9. “This summer, let all 9 of your senses run wild – This summer, live like a Lion.”
  10. “You may be a king or queen, but you don’t have to roar. Just keep it cool with our moisturizing body wash & shave gel.”
  11. “Life’s an adventure, so pack and get going with Lion. “
  12. “I am the king of the jungle!”
  13. “Your roar is as soft as your fur.”
  14. “Carefree and playful. Am I right? “
  15. “It is so that time of year again! When the wildebeest wake up from their long sleep and begin their search for fresh grass. “
  16. “Some days call for a roar. Other days you’re better off purr-ing.”
  17. “Lions are born with a natural curiosity and energy—they are one of the most active and agile big cats.”
  18. “Lions, are the only cats that live in groups called pride.”
  19. “You’re stuck in my head like a lion in a cage”
  20. “I’m the king of the jungle, but I still need my teddy.”
  21. “Let’s be wild together.”
  22. “Lion: a standard poodle with a lion cut”
  23. “The lion is the world’s most important big cat. They are our feline friends and they love to play!”
  24. “Hello, my name is Edith, but you can call me Lion.”
  25. “Say hello to the king of the jungle”
  26. “And the king of the jungle is…you!”
  27. “I’m on the hunt for some people to roam around with. If you’re lost, come find me.”
  28. “We are still here in the wild with lions. The mighty roar is just one of the things that make these cats so awesome!”
  29. “This Lion pride is ready to take over the jungle.”
  30. “In the wild, lions are at the top of the food chain. In your life, be the boss of it.”
  31. “Lions live in groups called pride. A pride of lions usually consists of 2 to 30 lionesses, their cubs, and one or more male lions.”
  32. “It’s hard to be lonely when you’re a lion.”
  33. “Hi, my name is Lion. I’m pretty chill.”
  34. “Hello humans, I’m a lion.”
  35. “The lion’s roar echoes across the savannah.”

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Being a lion doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. In fact, it is said that a lion is never afraid of anything and always holds its dignity. This is what makes us feel good every time we hear one of these inspiring Lion quotes. Whether it’s about fearlessness or strength, these powerful lines are sure to make you think twice about your life choices! Do share with your friends and comments below!

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