Little girl's sweet letter convinces seller to accept parents' offer on a home

A 10-year-old girl managed to find a home for her family after months of searching when she wrote a heartwarming letter offering her pocket money as part of the deal.

Mom of two Bec Touzel and her husband had moved to New South Wales, Australia a year ago and said they had decided to rent in the area and carefully considered their options before making a purchase.

But when the time came, Bec said other potential homeowners were populating the area after discovering they could leave town and work from home.

The houses only stayed in the market for about 10 days before being snatched, and the family had made 10 offers but missed them each time leaving them “really discouraged”.

Just as they were starting to give up hope, Bec says, “We found a nice home nearby, but it was just over budget. We spoke to the agent and decided to make an offer anyway.”

“Our two daughters were very involved in finding a home and our 10 year old was concerned so she decided to help us.”

Their daughter wrote them a letter in which she stated: “Dear mom and dad, this is your money now for the house and other things if you want. Don’t take them back, they are yours now!”

She had also settled £ 6.60 ($ 11.75) that she had saved in pocket money.

Loved her daughter’s heartwarming gesture and sent the note and money to the sellers along with their offer, adding, “$ 11.75 is worth a lot when you are 10!”

Strange and wonderful offers

The owners were very well received and after some negotiation sold them to the family for below the asking price – although other offers met and exceeded the value.

Bec wrote on Facebook: “They said they had two daughters of their own and remembered looking for their first home.

“We have been in our beautiful new home for a month now and we are so grateful for the generosity that has been shown to us!”

The post was shared on Kindness Pandemic’s Facebook pagewhere it has generated thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments.

One person replied and said, “That made me cry. What a great story and what wonderful salespeople.”

A second wrote: “Friendliness grows. Beautiful daughters (good parents, by the way) and thoughtful salespeople. Enjoy your new home.”

And another added: “Best story ever … I’m so happy for your family. Finally home and this story will be retold on your 21st!”


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