Live as Cummings tells MPs what happened in No10 during Covid crisis

Former chief advisor to the Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings, makes an eagerly anticipated appearance in front of MPs on Wednesday.

Mr Cummings has loudly condemned Boris Johnson, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and others after leaving government following a behind-the-scenes power struggle in November.

Prior to presenting evidence to the Commons Commons on Health and Social Welfare and Science and Technology, on a thread on Twitter, Cummings voiced criticism of the government’s approach to the pandemic, claiming the original response to the coronavirus outbreak was a strategy the “herd immunity”.

In a series of explosive tweets, he said the policy of building resistance by allowing the disease to spread to some extent only ended in March last year after warnings that it would lead to a “disaster”.

Prior to Wednesday’s meeting, ITV’s Robert Peston reported Tuesday that Mr Cummings will accuse the Prime Minister of “Covid only kills 80-year-olds” in order to delay the fall lockdown.

Mr Cummings has also raised various parts of the government’s response despite being employed at No. 10 for much of the pandemic.

He called the politics on the borders of Great Britain a “joke” and said: “The Covid plan should be” world class “, but it turned out to be partly catastrophic, partly non-existent.”

In his series of tweets earlier this week, he slammed alleged “secrecy” into government plans, saying mass tests should have been developed much earlier.

And he insisted that herd immunity – building resistance among the population by allowing some spread of the disease – was the government’s original plan before ministers were told that it would lead to “disaster”.

A Sunday Times report suggested that officials fear Mr Cummings will use his appearance in front of MPs to accuse Mr Johnson of missing important meetings on the crisis because he was working on a biography of Shakespeare because he needed the money to fund his divorce from Marina Wheeler, his second wife.


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