Live as Matt Hancock makes Covid statement in Parliament

Health Secretary Matt Hancock stands with MPs to provide an update on the changes in the coronavirus in the UK and to respond to claims by Dominic Cummings that he lied to colleagues and should have been fired for his disastrous performance in the pandemic.

Mr Cummings spared Mr Hancock his fiercest criticism of shortcomings in nursing home policy, the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) and his public pledge on a test target that caused disruption in Whitehall.

Mr Cummings accused Mr Hancock and told MPs on Wednesday that the Prime Minister “was categorically notified in March that people will be tested from the hospital before returning to nursing homes”.

It was “utter nonsense” to say the government screened nursing homes, Cummings claimed, but Jenrick insisted, “It is incorrect to say that we have not done everything we can to protect both residents and the people living in Nursing homes work with the incomplete information we had at the time. “

The first lockdown was finally implemented on March 23, but Mr Cummings said the Prime Minister regretted the move later.

Mr Hanock speaks to MPs in Parliament Thursday morning before leading a briefing for Downing Street on Thursday evening.


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