Live as only 12 countries could be safe for Brits to visit by June

Under a new “traffic light system” for foreign travel, only a dozen countries could be safely opened to British tourists by June, it was reported.

Boris Johnson prepares to present plans to resume travel abroad.

A task force led by Minister of Transport Grant Shapps is examining the possibility of reopening international travel. A report is due to be presented to the Prime Minister in the coming days.

He is reportedly expected to announce plans to return overseas with a traffic light system on Monday.

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This would supposedly result in banning travel to “red” countries, holidays to “amber” countries that require a negative test and quarantine, and “green” countries an exception but with tests.

Now the Daily Telegraph reports that only a dozen or so destinations can be classified as “green” and are therefore safe to travel under Covid restrictions until June.

The paper claims that Malta, Gibraltar, Portugal, Israel, Canada, Barbados, the United Arab Emirates and the US could be placed in the lowest category due to their plans to vaccinate half of the adult population by mid-May.

Three other popular destinations, Spain, Greece and Turkey are said to be on the Amber List, which includes quarantine measures.


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