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Land remains in a “difficult position,” says Patrick Vallance

The UK’s senior scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said with one of the estimated 55 people currently living with coronavirus, the country remains in a “difficult position”.

Speaking at a press conference on Downing Street, he said, “While things have slowed down and we are in fact on a plateau or may be losing weight across the country, that is not the case everywhere.” In some cases there are still some bumps.

“So we are in a position where the locks have been working, they have slowed this down, they have reached a position where they have plateaued and are gradually decreasing – and we see that in some cases we are starting this See that with hospital admissions and we’re starting to see that with deaths – but it’s still early days.

“This is not going down quickly, we are staying at very high levels and it will be weeks before this falls to really low levels.”

“With that, and with the launch of the vaccination program, it is important that this change, as the Prime Minister said, and the vaccination program should start so we can see the effects in mid-February.

“But I would like to remind all of us that we are in a difficult position at the moment and that there are still very high levels.”


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