Live coverage of Chancellor Rishi Sunak's press conference

Live coverage of Chancellor Rishi Sunak's press conference

Talk money

Mr Sunak said extending the VAT cut would add around £ 800 million to the existing £ 2.5 billion cost of the measure.

He confirmed the job support program would be around £ 300 million per month for every million employees involved.

“It’s very difficult to say exactly how much this will cost because we don’t know the exact recording,” he said.

The average employee on leave makes about £ 1,400 a month if that person does a third of their hours of work, which would cost the taxpayer about £ 300 a month.

“So if you zoom in on that, that would be just over £ 300 million per million per month,” he said.

“But that assumes they only work a third of the time, obviously a lot of people will work more than that, and that assumes that the average wages are the same as the current population of our workers on leave – this system is obviously open to everyone, even if they have not yet applied the leave scheme. “



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