LIVE: MPs debate Labour proposals to cut VAT on energy bills

MEPs will debate Labor’s proposals this afternoon to cut VAT on household energy bills for a year amid a cost of living crisis.

In a debate on Opposition Day in the House of Commons, Keir Starmer will propose a motion aimed at guaranteeing parliamentary time for a bill.

Labor is calling for an unexpected tax on gas and oil producers in the North Sea to fund the cut that will cut the average household bills by £ 200.

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said UK government ministers would “review what we can do” before raising the capped laws in April.

Consumer expert Martin Lewis warned that “unaffordable” hikes in energy bills were imminent, saying they could go up by 50%.

Announcing Labour’s proposals, Shadow Secretary Ed Miliband said: “The government – and any Tory MPs who previously supported a VAT cut on home energy bills – should keep their promises and vote with Labor today to approve the tax on a. abolish year as hardworking people face a growing cost of living crisis.

“The conservatives’ clear resistance to the windfall tax tells you exactly whose side you are on – and it is not the British who are struggling with their energy bills.”

The procedure is to begin around 1 p.m. Follow our live blog below.


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