Live updates as Matt Hancock set to make coronavirus statement

Live updates as Matt Hancock set to make coronavirus statement

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is set to make a statement in the House of Commons after a spike in coronavirus cases in the UK.

Experts from SAGE have warned that Prime Minister Boris Johnson could order a two-week national lockdown in response to the rise.

The PM has warned that another national lockdown could be ‘disastrous’ for the country and the economy.

He previously said the Government was doing ‘everything in our power’ to avoid another nationwide lockdown.

Local restrictions are expected to be enforced in the North East, which may include pubs closing earlier and restrictions on households mixing.

Parts of the country could also face curfews on pubs, restaurants and bars if local measures are unable to bring the spread of the virus under control.

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Boris Johnson has also warned actions to stop a second surge of coronavirus must be ‘tough now’ in order to ‘protect’ Christmas.

The PM said people have to be ‘both confident and cautious’ and that it is ‘crucial’ the country does not re-enter ‘some great lockdown again that stops business from functioning’.

He told the Sun: “Christmas we want to protect, and we want everyone to have a fantastic Christmas.

“But the only way to make sure the country is able to enjoy Christmas is to be tough now.

“So if we can grip it now, stop the surge, arrest the spike, stop the second hump of the dromedary, flatten the second hump.”

Live updates will appear below as the announcement takes place.



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