Liz Cheney Is Right on Impeachment, and Wrong on Everything Else

House Republicans have decided to keep Liz Cheney as the third highest leader in their Caucus of Deplorables. No wonder there. Cheney is a corporation pampering and bellicose neoconservative, a hateful liar whose only sin in the eyes of her peers is her misunderstanding.

That “one thing” was her vote against Donald Trump, which the Wyoming Republican combined with a statement to explain “The President of the United States called this mob, gathered the mob, and lit the flame” of the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

The House Democrats were pleased with the clarity of Cheney’s denunciation of the Republican mighty, particularly her precise assertion that “none of this would have happened without the president. The president could have intervened immediately and forcefully to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal of office and constitutional oath by a President of the United States. “What could be more appetizing than a top Republican woman calling out the shamed former president of her party? And it got even better. Trump was reportedly so angry that he phoned allies on Capitol Hill and asked them to remove Cheney from chairing the House’s Republican Conference. Florida Republican representative Matt Gaetz described the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney as “a bureaucrat turned into a fake cowgirl”.

Trump and Gaetz failed their attempt to oust Cheney last week when the GOP caucus backed them 145 to 60 the same day they gave the Georgia representative a standing ovation Marjorie Taylor Greene, the conspiracy theorist who channeled QAnon and got a better grip on the racism and xenophobia that Trump uses to build his base. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Said this willingness to support both Cheney and Greene shows that the party is “a big tent”.

Not so great.

It doesn’t take much canvas to encompass the ideological spectrum that ranges from Cheney’s right-wing gossip to Greene’s hate speech.

When Trump’s Senate trial begins this week, Democrats will no doubt reuse Cheney’s charges against the Commander-in-Chief as the culprit he is. But they shouldn’t make the Wyoming congressman some kind of heroine. Nor should you imagine that it is now – or ever – a principled alternative to the extremists who have turned the Republican Party into a fever of hate, fear, and conspiracy theories.


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