Liz Cheney on Trump: He’s a threat to American democracy

Cheney is one of nine members of the House of Representatives serving on the committee chaired by MP Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) Who is investigating the Capitol riot, including Trump’s role in it.

“We watched what this president did – throughout the election, the lies he told about how far he went to war with the rule of law,” she said. “He completely ignored the decisions of over 60 courts, including the judges he appointed, and refused to send aid, refusing to tell people to hold back for several hours while this attack was underway.”

Cheney stressed her opposition to the policies of the Biden administration, saying opposition to President Joe Biden should come from “conservative principled leadership”, not Trump.

“The Republican Party has a decision to make. We can be loyal to either our Constitution or Donald Trump, but we cannot be both, ”she said.

Cheney was responding to comments made by Hillary Clinton, Trump’s 2016 presidential antagonist. She told MSNBC in an interview that aired Thursday, “If he’s not held accountable and can do it again, I think this is the end of ours Could be democracy. “

Clinton added, “If he or someone like him is elected president again … you will not recognize our country.”

Thompson repeated her remarks on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday.

“When I saw the film, when I toured the Capitol, when I spoke to the Capitol Police, the Metropolitan Police and the National Guard, we were critically close to the loss of this democracy as we know it,” he said.

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