Loads of couples have split up over the heating

According to a new study, one in 14 couples broke up because of violent differences of opinion.

Boiler plan polled Brits to see if the “thermo-spats” were on the rise given the recent cold weather.

Research One in 14 respondents admitted to breaking up or taking a break from their partner because of heating-related disputes. Five percent said they argue about the temperature of their home every day in winter.

Almost a third of men (31 percent) said they made more compromises on the thermostat temperature than a quarter of women (25 percent).

Discussions about heating seem to be an integral part of many households. One in six admits that they talk about the heating for more than ten minutes a day – that’s the equivalent of two and a half days a year arguing about how warm the house should be.

A common cause of an argument is partners who keep their pets heating on. One in five argues about it. 18 percent of the participants say they like to pay more bills to keep their animals comfortable.

While others strictly adhere to their heating schedule, 34 percent of those surveyed said they only turn their heating on when they have to.

Boiler Plan has published six useful tips to help you save on energy bills and budgetary arguments:

1) Put your kettle on a timer

When you turn on a timer, there is no argument about when to turn the heater on and off

2) Close your curtains

Heat can escape through your windows. Catch them by closing your curtains or blinds

3) Take a look at how to switch your energy supplier

This could save you up to € 300

4) Choose a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats help you track usage

5) Get a magnetic cat flap

Designs can make you feel miserable. For cat lovers, magnetic cat flaps reduce these.

6) Avoid putting your clothes on the cooler

If furniture or clothes block the radiator, the room cannot heat up


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