Lockdown fines issued after CCTV shows customers fleeing beauty salon

A beauty salon owner and customers were fined after police found it was being used during the lockdown.

Euphoria Tanning Hair and Beauty has been operating despite the Welsh government’s coronavirus regulations that required non-essential businesses to remain closed.

CCTV has captured eight people who ran from the back of the parlor in Cwmbran, South Wales, after officials tried to gain entry on Saturday January 16.

Gwent police said, “Officers were there and saw people come through the front door. The inmates did not respond to police requests to open the door.

“Upon entry, officials found evidence that solariums had recently been used and that beauty treatments were taking place.

“CCTV footage shows eight people running out of the emergency exit from the location.”

The salon owner has been fined £ 1,000 for failing to close a commercial or service building that is not allowed to be open in a level 4 alert area in Wales. It is the second time that a solid sentence has been imposed.

Three customers also received fixed complaints for attending the salon and inquiries were made to identify the others.

Torfaen Area Inspector Aled George said: “This was an obvious breach of Covid-19 regulations. Companies that violate the rules will behave irresponsibly and put the lives of their customers, employees and the wider community at risk.

“As this incident shows, we will take steps with our partners from Torfaen Council to ensure the safety of the public. We will continue to take enforcement action against companies and the public who violate Covid’s regulations.

“We understand this is a really difficult time for our communities. The majority of businesses and residents are doing the right thing by abiding by the Welsh Government regulations and we want to thank them for their support.”

Mandy Owen, environmental executive at Torfaen Council, said: “Following reports of the illegally operating tanning salon, Gwent Police and council Covid enforcement officers made visits to the company.

“The camera footage taken after the last visit shows that the company and customers were aware that they were violating lockdown restrictions and putting themselves, others and the NHS at risk.

“Covid is still floating around the community and everyone knows it thrives through close contact. Therefore, it was highly irresponsible for the business owner and customers to continue to visit the salon.

“This is the second time the company has received a permanent criminal complaint. Public protection officials issued the first criminal complaint in June 2020. This is very disappointing.

“The vast majority of companies have taken steps to comply and are working very hard to keep their businesses going while keeping their employees and customers safe.

“We would like to thank all companies and residents who are doing the right thing and complying with the current lockdown.”


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