Lockdown refund rules for gyms, weddings, holidays and MoTs

Lockdown refund rules for gyms, weddings, holidays and MoTs

England was suddenly thrown into a second lockdown that makes a number of things illegal – including going to the gym, vacationing and weddings.

And since many of us are now unemployed or have fewer hours due to coronavirus, lockdown, and vacation, it’s important to get every penny owed back.

If you’ve paid for things that you currently can’t use, you might be able to get a refund, reports The mirror.

Here are your refund rights for some common expenses disrupted in England this month.



No gyms can be opened in England during the lockdown. If you have a subscription you are eligible for a November refund.

Contact your gym for details. Alternatively, you can ask them to renew your membership for an additional month when the current term ends.


Weddings cannot take place in November. So once you’ve booked something, you’re entitled to a refund.

This includes venues, catering, photography, etc. Alternatively, you may just want to schedule a new appointment with all of your suppliers.


All holidays are forbidden according to the English blocking rules. Ask your vacation provider if this is the case. This will force him to confirm the cancellation.

If you cancel it may be more difficult to get your refund. But if the company cancels, they have to pay.

House is moving

You can still view homes for sale and physically move home, but only if you can while you are “Covid Safe”.


MoTs and services are still blocked. If you want your vehicle to have MOT this month, it is important that you do it.

The position on the above matters is different in Northern Ireland and Scotland, where there is currently no national lockdown but tiered restrictions.

The restrictions in Wales end on Monday.

If any of these restrictions cause a company to cancel a service, you will be eligible for a refund.



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