Lockdown 'rulebreaker' dies after he's 'forced to do 300 push-ups as punishment'

A dad-of-one died after police forced him to do 300 push-ups as a punishment for breaking a coronavirus curfew.

Darren Penaredondo, 28, went out after 6 p.m. to buy a bottle of water. He was taken to a town square and forced to exercise with other people who violated the rules of General Trias in the Philippines.

They were told to do 100 pumps, a cross between a push-up and a squat, but because they didn’t do it in dubbing officers, they forced them to do 200 more, it is alleged.

Darren, who had heart disease, was barely able to walk afterwards and later started cramping at home, where he collapsed and died, claims his cousin Adrian Luceña.

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The footage shows Darren in apparent pain and difficulty getting up before he died.

Darren had to be brought home by another quarantine violator, who returned on the morning of April 2 after grueling punishment, his family claims.

His worried wife, Reichelyn Balce, had been waiting for him all night.

She said his tiredness was made worse by thirst and hunger, and at some point he could only crawl on the floor.

Darren Penaredondo

Darren Penaredondo is seen after allegedly doing 300 pumps as a punishment

The destroyed widow said: “When he got home around 8 a.m. on April 2, he was supported by his quarantine colleague who was arrested with him on the cell phone.

“I asked if he was beaten up, he just smiled, but it was obvious that he was in pain.

“He struggled to walk all day, just crawling on the floor just to get up.

“But I didn’t take it seriously because he said his knees and thighs hurt, as did his body.”

Lockdown 'rulebreaker' dies after he's 'forced to do 300 push-ups as punishment' 1

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She added: “When he asked for help trying to pee, he started having seizures.

“He convulsed and his face turned purple. His heart stopped beating.

“I asked our neighbors to give him CPR, after which his heartbeat returned.”

Darren was hospitalized after being resuscitated, but died the following day.

Darren Penaredondo

In a post translated by CNN Philippines, Darren’s cousin Adrian wrote on Facebook: “He said they were told to pump 100 times.

“They had to be synchronized so that they would repeat it over and over and end up doing 300.

“He started cramping, but we were able to revive him at home.

“Then his body failed and we resuscitated him, but he was already in a coma.

“He also told me he fell several times when they were asked to do pumping exercises.”

Darren’s family has not yet received a death certificate with a cause of death.

Rodolfo Cruz Jnr, village chief of Tejero, said Darren was one of the quarantine violators detained on April 1.

He claims Darren was placed in the care of General Trias police that same night.

General Trias Police Chief Lieutenant Colonel Marlo Nillo Solero denied punishing violations.

He said, “We are not giving such a punishment on claims of pumping. Instead, we are giving lectures.”

He told CNN, “We released (Darren) in good physical shape.”

General Trias Mayor Antonio Ferrer said he had already contacted Darren’s family to offer assistance while the investigation was ongoing.

He said, “I have personally contacted his family to offer my condolences and support. We want to know what really happened to the family.”


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