London mum and former doctor opens ninth KFC restaurant after working at chain as a teenager

A London mother who used to be an accident and emergency doctor opened her family’s ninth KFC restaurant just five days after the birth of her second child.

MyLondon reports how Angelina Mouralidarane, 34, and her brother Chris, 29, followed in the footsteps of their father John, who began working with the chain over 40 years ago by opening their own franchise restaurant.

The Mouralidarane family owes a large number of restaurants within the M25 after the now 61-year-old father opened his first store in 2000 after 20 years of service. Its first three stores were in Mitcham, Wandsworth and Peckham.

Though under no obligation to follow her father into business, Angelina eventually returned to the chain after working as a collaborator with her brother as a teenager.

Angelina then trained to be a doctor for the NHS and completed nine years of medical school training, but after two years of accident and emergency work, the mother of two realized that she had no time to pursue both passions.

Ms. Mouralidarane said, “I didn’t have enough time to do both effectively. I was working on accidents and emergencies, which took a lot of time. So essentially the decision had to be made. I wanted to help people, but I realized that this is not it It doesn’t have to be healthy.

“While I may not have had outside training in business, I felt like I had transferable skills from nine years in medical school and a different perspective on things.”

Despite being on maternity leave after giving birth to their second child, Angelina was on hand four weeks ago to open the family’s ninth store in Richmond – adding to the KFCs in Putney, Addlestone, Thornton Heath, Epsom, New Addington.

“Without sounding biased, my father was pretty good at what he did and was offered the opportunity to run his own KFC franchise business,” she added.

“He started small and didn’t come from a particularly wealthy background, so this was his opportunity to build a sustainable, fantastic company that could move forward for the family.

“Our mum and dad have always made it clear that there is no obligation to join the family business.

“I became a franchisee five years ago and also a franchisee for a Pizza Hut delivery business and we then started to open locations in zone three and moved from three to nine restaurants.

“The company grew 300 percent, all organic, these are locations that we found and turned into KFCs all in London.

“Our business is about people. Our vision is to build a sustainable business.

“As we grow our business, we can give people more opportunities to grow with us, so I am a strong advocate of personal development and education.”

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