Long lost twins find each other at college in real-life Parent Trap story

Two twins who believe they were separated at birth believe they found each other after moving to college housing.

Student Amy Harriet went to TikTok to tell the world about her incredible discovery.

She responded to the challenge on this platform where users were asked to say something about themselves, “That sounds wrong, but it’s 100 percent true.”

Amy posted a photo with her identical twin, whom she didn’t name, next to her.

Then she said in a video that has been viewed over a million times, “I think I met my long-lost twin at university and she’s my roommate.

“That’s us, why do we look the same!”

She then added in the comments, “Just imagine how we both reacted when we both moved into our apartment on the same day and met for the first time.”

She then said the couple have not yet taken a DNA test but intend to find out for sure soon.

The young women say they were born a day apart – one user wonders if one arrived just before midnight.

Not only were users quick to point out the similarities between students.

But many say their story is very similar to the hit film The Parent Trap.

The 1998 film starring Lindsay Lohan was about two twins who were pulled apart by their divorced parents when they were born.

They faced each other after attending the same summer camp.

In a reference to the film, one user joked, “Does your father make wine and your mother design wedding dresses?”

Back in October The South China Morning Post reported that two women from Indonesia discovered they were twins thanks to TikTok.

Trena Mustika came across a video posted by her sister Treni Fitri Yana – and after being amazed, examined how similar they looked.


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