Look at the rainbow: First reading from Prince Philip's funeral

The Dean of Windsor gave the first reading at the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The reading is from Ecclesiasticus 43: 11-26

The Dean said, “Look at the rainbow and praise its Creator. It shines in supreme beauty and circles the sky with its shining arch, an arch that is bent by the hands of the Most High. His command accelerates the blizzard and sends For this purpose the warehouses are opened and the clouds fly out like birds. By its mighty force the clouds are piled up and the hailstones broken up into small pieces. The crack of its thunder makes the earth twist, and when it appears, an earthquake shakes it Hills. The south wind, the thunderstorm from the north and the hurricane blow at his will.

“He scatters the snowflakes like birds getting out; they settle down like a swarm of locusts. The eye is blinded by their beautiful whites, and when they fall the spirit is bewitched. It spreads frost on the earth like salt, and icicles form A cold blast from the north, and ice grows hard on the water and settles on every pool like a breastplate of the water, consuming the hills, scorching the wilderness, and withering the grass like fire.

An online book of condolence has been published enabling people to safely show their respect for the Duke of Edinburgh to the Duke of Edinburgh.

As part of government policy, traditional condolence books will not be available in public buildings for people to personally sign.

The official “Guide to Time for National Mourning” also urges the public not to place flowers or other memorabilia such as candles, messages and memorabilia in royal residences or other public spaces.

People are also asked not to visit the Royal Residences or to gather in public at this time and continue to obey all regulations.

However, the website is www.princephilipcondolences.co.uk enables members of the public to pay their respects to Prince Philip in a Covid-compliant manner.

“Cloudy weather quickly puts everything in order, and dew brings welcome relief after the heat. By the power of his thought he tamed the deep and planted it with islands. Those who sail the sea tell stories of its dangers, all who.” hear them, astonish; therein are strange and wonderful creatures, all sorts of living things, and huge sea monsters. By his own action he reaches his end, and by his word all things are held together. “


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