Lord Ashcroft's 'daughter-in-law downed shots before accidentally killing cop'

Billionaire Tory-Grande Lord Ashcroft’s “daughter-in-law” shot down liquor before accidentally killing a police officer in Belize, a court heard.

Jasmine Hartin, 32, was charged with negligent homicide after father of five, Supt Henry Jemmott, 42, was fatally injured by a bullet from his own gun.

Events leading up to the killing were exposed during a hearing when prosecutors in Belize failed to prevent Hartin’s release on bail.

After returning to her family, she visited the San Ignacio Police Station for the first time yesterday, where she has to report daily as one of her eight conditions of detention.

At the bail hearing, prosecutors said Hartin implied to detectives that she was drinking and firing shots before Supt Jemmott let her handle his gun.

Hartin told police in their affidavit read in court, “He said, ‘Let’s go back in,” and asked me to return the magazine. I struggled with it, tried to bring the magazine back in, and it was issued. “

She reportedly told police that she was unaware that there was a bullet in the chamber.

Canadian celebrity Hartin, who has twins with partner Andrew Ashcroft, 43 – the son of Lord Michael Ashcroft – appeared from prison via videolink at the hearing.

Hartin was released on bail of £ 10,500. She was seen leaving Hattieville Prison under a blanket before getting into a waiting vehicle.

Other deposit conditions include that the Central American country is not left. Her defense attorney said Supt Jemmott also drank.

The officer was found dead in the water at a pier in San Pedro in May. Hartin reportedly told police, “Henry fell on me. When I struggled to free myself so I could … see if he was okay, he slipped into the water. “

You and Mr. Ashcroft run hotels in Belize. He describes her as his wife, but a family spokesman said they weren’t married.

The charges against Hartin could result in a fine or imprisonment of up to five years.


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