Loss Of Appetite And Weight Loss Are Also Symptoms Of TB, Stay Alert As 30% Of New Cases Are Found In 2019, know How To Avoid

A TB patient can infect 5 to 15 people. In 2019, 1.4 million people died worldwide and up to 30% of new TB cases were also found. TB is one of the top 10 causes of death in the world.

Corona isn’t over yet. Some of the symptoms are similar to TB. Experts say vigilance will prevent both diseases, so wear masks, maintain social detachment, and don’t stop taking TB drugs.

Today is World TB Day. The experts at Jaslok Hospital and Research Institute, Mumbai, know how to deal with TB, what the treatment is for it, and what symptoms to look out for …

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TB is of two types, it is important to understand

TB’s full name is tuberculosis. This is due to the infection of the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the body. It is of two types:

1- Pulmonary TB

When the TB bacteria spreads only to the lungs, it is called pulmonary TB. The cases are the most common. The most common symptom is chest pain and prolonged coughing with mucus. 25 percent of patients show no symptoms. Sometimes, however, blood can be accompanied by a cough. Don’t ignore it. The upper lung is more affected in such patients.

2- Extrapulmonary TB

According to Dr. RP Ram, General Medicine Consultant, Jaslok Hospital, the spread of TB bacteria outside the lungs is called extrapulmonary TB. Symptoms are usually fever, night sweats, loss of appetite. In 15-20 percent of TB cases, the infection spreads outside the lungs. The cases are seen in children and people with low immunity. Up to 50% of extrapulmonary TB cases occur in HIV patients.

Is TB a Complete Cure?

According to Dr. Sameer Garde, a respiratory medicine adviser at Jaslok Hospital, the TB bacteria can infect the front man by sneezing, coughing, speaking and singing in front of the TB patient. Droplets of saliva from an infected person’s mouth contain TB bacteria that spread the infection. Do not come into contact with such a patient. It is possible to treat it completely. Therefore, contact your doctor if you have symptoms.

The effect can be seen even after many years of infection

Not every TB infection is dangerous. Cases of TB in children and TB infection outside the lungs are no more dangerous. Usually, a healthy human’s immune system kills the bacteria of TB. In some cases, however, this does not happen. There are also about 10 percent of cases where the symptoms occur many years after the tuberculosis infection.

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Loss of appetite and weight loss are also symptoms of TB

This effect is seen when the immune system that protects against disease is weakened. For example, a patient suffers from diabetes or is deficient in nutrients or consumes more tobacco and alcohol. In such a situation, the risk of becoming infected is high.

Severe cases of TB can also cause throat swelling, abdominal swelling, headaches, and seizures. Complete treatment for TB is possible. Therefore, if this happens, take medicine on time and do not leave the course incomplete.

Medication can be neutralized by negligence during treatment

Dr. RP Ram says it is sometimes difficult to tell at the basis of the symptoms whether or not the patient is struggling with TB. In this case, some basic tests are done, such as chest X-ray, mucus test.

The delay in getting TB treatment increases the risk. Medication can be ineffective if there is a delay in treatment or if the drug is negligent. This is called multi-drug resistant TB. Therefore, do not stop the medicines and do not leave their course incomplete.

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