Love in the Time of Coronavirus: we want to hear YOUR relationship stories during the COVID-19 crisis

There is nothing like weeks after isolation to showcase all of your relationships. That you abandoned this stringless match, because the idea of ​​attaching yourself to someone new for an unspecified period of time was actually quite horrible; you are already ready to call the divorce attorneys after being too close to your other half; or if you passionately reconnect with lost friends and exes, the rapid spread of COVID-19 has radically reshaped all of our relationships.

What does love really look like in the days of coronaviruses? Over the next few weeks, we want to tell your stories. Whether comforting, heartbreaking, honest, or just plain hilarious. And we need your contributions.

How to tell us what you really experience

Are you a working mother on the front line who has had to isolate herself from her children? Did you move in with this guy you just met on Tinder? What moments of joy allow you to continue?

Tell us where you are in the world, the relationship you want to talk about and how you feel, without restraint. You can write down your thoughts or record them in a voice memo – and email them to [email protected] You can be anonymous or not. Anyway, we just want to hear from you.

We will collect your stories as part of our online series Love In The Time of Corona, and on a special unique podcast. And if you need inspiration, read on here…

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