Loving owner captures deaf and blind dogs playing together – and it's impossibly cute

Morty is both deaf and blind, while his sister Lucy is visually impaired and deaf too – but that doesn’t hinder their communication a bit

Deaf and visually impaired dogs like to play together

Owning a dog with additional needs can be fraught with challenges.

Deaf and blind dogs experience the world differently from other pets, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun – as two disabled dogs have proven.

The TikTok account @ Echo bath listener documents what it is like to live with four disabled dogs, each with their own individual quirks and personalities.

But the dogs named Morty, Echo, Lucy and Frank still love to play with each other, even when they can’t see or hear each other.

In an adorable video that was viewed over 216,000 times, her owner showed her fans how some of the dogs try to communicate despite their differences.

In the clip, deaf and blind Morty is encouraged to go after Lucy, who is deaf and visually impaired.

Lucy wants her brother Morty to follow her in the adorable clip


TikTok @echobadlistener)

Having some vision, Lucy wrinkles Morty’s nose to get him to join in when a confused Morty tries to figure out what the game is all about.

Overlaying text read, “Come on, chase me!” As Lucy jumps into a game arc while Morty pushes forward to find her.

It looks like Morty is thinking and planning the best way to get into the game before pouncing on an unsuspecting Lucy.

The heartwarming video received hundreds of comments from viewers who loved watching the duo play.

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One said, “Thank you for showing that you are playing even though you are deaf and blind.”

Another added, “I’m delighted to see that it’s not just my blind dog that is still crazy.”

Others were impressed with Morty’s abilities, convinced that he had a plan all along.

“Morty knew all along, just waited patiently and planned,” added a third.

Another said, “Morty being so devious makes me smile every time.”

Blind dogs can still lead full and happy lives even if they don’t always know what is going on around them.

TikTok viewers think Morty had a plan all along


TikTok @echobadlistener)

A one-eyed deaf pit bull wink also captured the hearts of TikTok viewers last month when he was caught cuddling his “emotional support Chihuahua”.

The beautiful video shows how close the two dogs are. Wink wraps her legs around the 8-pound Niffler in a warm hug while the leisurely Chihuahua rests his eyes.

Other blind dogs just don’t know they might run into things, so owners need to adjust their surroundings to avoid injury.

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Lovey, a one year old retriever, is blind from a brain condition but still loves exploring her yard and playing with her big brothers canine.

To avoid injury, her owner bought her a Muffin Halo, which will help her avoid accidents and bump into things.

The accessory looks like a basketball hoop, with the metal loop protruding over her face so that it hits objects in front of her.

Her owner shared an adorable video with hers TikTok account that showed Lovey playing in the garden and bumping the halo against a telegraph pole.

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