Luxurious concept pictures of the world's largest aircraft

The world’s largest aircraft has unveiled luxurious concept images of the interior of its cabin – with plush seats for up to 100 passengers and a “wall” of windows.

The spacious Airlander 10, which is almost twice the length of the average airliner, appears to offer a far more comfortable flight experience than most passengers are used to.

The eye-catching concept photos show comfy-looking armchair-style seats with plump cushions spaced apart to give each passenger direct access to the aisles.

At the center of the huge aircraft is the floor-to-ceiling wall of glass windows, which offers passengers a breathtaking view from their seats.

The giant aircraft, 91 meters long and 3.64 million cubic feet in volume, is expected to be operational by 2025.

George Land, Commercial Business Development Director at Bedfordshire-based Airlander, said: “For many decades, flying from A to B has been sitting in a metal tube with tiny windows.

“It was a necessity, but not always a pleasure.

“On Airlander, the whole experience is pleasant, even enjoyable.

“And in the hybrid and future fully electric configurations, Airlander is fit for our decarbonised future.”

The first concept images of the cabin on the world's largest aircraft have been released

The Airlander 10 aircraft will be available from 2025 with up to 100 seats in a hybrid electric configuration and operate with 90 percent fewer emissions than conventional aircraft in similar roles.

The aircraft will be offered in a fully electric configuration by 2030.

The first concept images of the cabin on the world's largest aircraft have been released

With a range of nearly 500 miles, the airline’s manufacturers claim it is “perfect for inter-city mobility,” with options like Liverpool to Belfast or Seattle to Vancouver.

The concept of cabin design took many considerations into account to ensure that it was practical, doable, and ready to move into production.


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