Lyft Spurs Its Drivers to Deliver Packages for Amazon to Offset Lost Income Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Lyft announced a new partnership with Amazon to help its drivers offset financial losses caused by declining demand for rides during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lyft announced a new partnership with Amazon to help its drivers offset financial losses caused by falling demand for rides during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Photo: Apu Gomes (AFP via Getty Images)

Due to a sudden drop in demand for rides due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lyft encourages its drivers to work for Amazon “To earn extra income now.” The company is working with Amazon on a new recruiting program that aims to help its drivers offset some of the financial difficulties associated with the crisis.

Lyft announced the program in an email to drivers on Friday. Per the Verge, Lyft tells his drivers to consider applying for roles in Amazon warehouses, packing groceries, or delivering packages. Earlier this month, Lyft stopped adding new drivers in regions of the United States a try to increase income for existing drivers.

The ridesharing company, along with its rival Uber, has pledged to compensate drivers who have been dDiagnosed with Covid-19 or forced to quarantine. In a blog posted this week, Lyft also informed its drivers that this is possible are eligible for reimbursement below the CARES Act, the $ 2 trillion coronavirus economic aid bill passed in Congress and signed by President Donald Trump.

Although Uber can offset some of the losses from declining rides because of it also has food delivery app, Uber Eats, Lyft doesn’t have such a failsafe.

In comparison, Amazon has seen a surge in demand for its services as people move away, work from home or are under quarantine. Amazon announced this to be the case earlier this month In the United States alone, plans to hire 100,000 new employees. It also said it would increase wages by $ 2 an hour through April for workers in distribution centers, transportation, stores, and delivery departments in the United States and Canada. The increases also apply to workers in the UK and many countries of the European Union, who will see increases of £ 2 and € 2 respectively.

However, Amazon has recently come under fire for the circumstances in which its employees operate. On Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ilhan Omar wrote to CEO Jeff Bezos to ask for more details on how the company implemented federal health guidelines to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, which causes Covid-19 disease. At least 10 Amazon warehouses have reported cases of Covid-19.

Lyft drivers can sign up for Amazon jobs at one specific page on the jobs website of the e-commerce company. The page that says “ We welcome Lyft drivers ” lists vacancies at Amazon’s retail, warehouse and delivery operations. It also states that drivers can start working within seven days and that they don’t need to provide a resume or previous work experience.

In addition to promoting this new partnership with Amazon, Lyft also told his drivers that they could sign up to deliver groceries, covid-19 tests and other medical supplies in future partnership programs. According to Bloomberg, more than 100,000 drivers had already registered.


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