95+ Macaron Quotes & Sayings & Instagram Captions

With the Macaron craze sweeping the nation, it’s no wonder that we’ve seen a surge in Instagram captions and quotes related to these little joys. From classic sayings to more contemporary and lighthearted quotes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on Instagram. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite macaron quotes and sayings, and provide some clever Instagram captions to go with them. So get ready to indulge in some sweet love!


Macaron Quotes

Macaron Quotes

Macaron quotes are a great way to add humor and visual appeal to your photos. They can also be a great way to show off your creative side. Whether you’re looking for something easy and straightforward, or want to throw in a little extra flair, these quotes are perfect for you. So start adding these photos today!

  1. I’m not sure how many cookies = happiness, but so far it’s not 2 dozen.
  2. Dessert is to a meal what a dress is to a woman.
  3. Desserts are all the sweeter when shared with friends.
  4. Second, it should be interesting. You want to keep your macaron captions engaging and entertaining. After all, who wants to scroll through hundreds of boring captions when they could be scrolling through thousands of beautiful pictures instead?
  5. This year’s resolution is to eat more whole foods.
  6. Making life sweet is the purpose of our existence.
  7. I love my chocolate, I love my dessert, I love my cookie dough.
  8. If you have a sweet tooth, no meal is complete without dessert.
  9. Dessert is my only way of coping with life.
  10. Time heals all wounds, but dessert heals them faster.
  11. Be a rainbow flavor in a sea of vanilla ice cream.
  12. Well, first, it should be relevant to the post. It should be clear and concise, and it should be written in such a way that it doesn’t feel forced.
  13. A meal without dessert is like a day without sunshine.
  14. Will do anything just for dessert Yup, even trample children.
  15. Finally, it should be unique. This will give you the true value and engagement you deserve.
  16. I don’t share blame I don’t share credit And I don’t share desserts.
  17. Love and cookies are alike, I can never get enough of both.
  18. Cake never asks me dumb questions Cake understands.

Macarons Captions

  1. I want to have a good body but not as much as I want dessert.
  2. Ice cream is totally an acceptable meal at this point.
  3. My emotional roller coaster is reserved for dessert.
  4. There’s no better pair than coffee and donuts.
  5. There is nothing better than cake but more cake.
  6. One of the best ways to celebrate is by eating a donut.
  7. The only circle of trust you should have is a donut.
  8. My love for cookies is s’more than a feeling.
  9. Every cookie is a sugar cookie A cookie without sugar is a cracker.
  10. Brownie is the other name for love and sweetness.
  11. Find someone who looks at you the way I look at my dessert.
  12. Desserts are the sweet threads of the warp and weft of our lives.
  13. C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.
  14. I followed my heart and it led me to this cookie.
  15. I never met a chocolate I could not eat.
  16. Chocolate is the answer Who cares what the question is.
  17. Hardship is in everything, except when eating dessert.
  18. Life is sweeter when you get to eat dessert.
  19. I followed my heart and it led me to ice cream.
  20. I wish I was full of chocolate cake instead of feelings.
  21. Freshly baked apple pie makes the world go round.
  22. I don’t care what the question is, brownies are the answer.
  23. Apple pie, you’ll always have a piece of my heart.
  24. Eating apple pie on any day is thanksgiving day for me.
  25. I observe donuts with delicious fervor.
  26. If we are we eat well, I am awfully sweet.
  27. Hey, chocolate brownie you always turn me on more than any girl.
  28. Even breakfast should begin with the desert.
  29. Make your life a moveable feast Eat dessert in a car.
  30. Feel the bliss in every bite of it.

Macaron Instagram Captions

  1. I love you all, but I love donuts more.
  2. Happy as a unicorn eating cake on a rainbow.
  3. Smile, there is nothing ice cream can’t solve.
  4. Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.
  5. A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.
  6. Desserts are edible love.
  7. I’m the king of brownie sundaes.
  8. Don’t be afraid to take whisks.
  9. It’s like tasting a rainbow in every brownie.
  10. Nothing can beat a good donut.
  11. I am a woman of many moods and they all require chocolate.
  12. My life didn’t need to be on the line for me to enjoy dessert.
  13. I’m like a kid: I love dessert.
  14. Dessert makes me feel better.
  15. Freedom is nothing but a dessert, a sumptuous dessert.
  16. Ice cream cravings are not to be taken lightly.
  17. Morning is the worst Dessert is the best time of the day.
  18. A bad day eating brownies is better than a good day eating salad.
  19. Stressed spelled backward is desserts.
  20. Life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.
  21. My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it.
  22. Dessert is calling me and I must go.ss reliever.
  23. All you need is love but ice cream is nice too.
  24. Never underestimate the power of chocolate.
  25. I like big cupcakes and I cannot lie.
  26. May the pies be ever in your flavor.
  27. Dessert is a necessity of life.
  28. Life is Short Eat dessert first.
  29. A party without cake is really just a meeting.
  30. I’m not a vegetarian I’m a dissertation.

Macaron Sayings

  1. Can’t live without brownies.
  2. I like the concept of ‘Have your cake and eat it too’.
  3. This is quite literally how the cookie crumbles.
  4. I will never desert you.
  5. Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles.
  6. Life is a piece of cake.
  7. Never settle for just one scoop.
  8. The cake is for life, not just for birthdays.
  9. My problem is desserts I am obsessed with desserts.
  10. Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.
  11. I donut know what I would do without you.
  12. Do nut worry, be happy.
  13. Just another sweet moment in life.
  14. I believe in chocolate for breakfast.
  15. Time to get that dough.
  16. You’re my butter half.
  17. You bake me crazy.
  18. Dallops of sweet love in an otherwise cruel world.

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