macOS Big Sur causes black screen on some models

macOS Big Sur causes black screen on some models

macOS Big Sur update causes black screen during installation on some older MacBook Pro models. Moreover, users cannot find a solution for this. This issue is said to be most common in late 2013 or mid 2014 13-inch MacBook Pro models.

There are reports that not only those who have the models mentioned above, but also other Mac computer owners, have encountered problems installing Big Sur. Some say they can fix these issues, but those with the most serious issues are said to be using the two MacBook Pro models mentioned.

While MacRumors draws attention to the issues, there are complaints about laptops with freezing issues in the site’s forums. In addition, there are those who have filed their complaint on Reddit and Apple’s support site. There is no clear evidence of the cause of the problem, and the solution does not seem to work with simple methods such as resetting NVRAM or booting in safe mode. It says these are not accessible to the user or it does not solve the problem.

Big Sur’s distribution is a bit more painful than previous releases. High demand for the update appears to have slowed Apple’s servers. This caused widespread slowdowns in newer Macs due to an unknown feature that verifies applications are malware-free before every run at Apple. Server problems also made it impossible for some users to install the update, and the OS also showed an installation error when people tried to launch the installer.

Considering the black screen issues experienced by some users, the download issues may have been the best problems out there. If you’re considering updating to macOS Big Sur, you might want to wait a few more weeks for the bugs to be fixed.


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