Mafia gangster on run for 20 years caught after being seen on Google Street View

Gioacchino Gammino, a mafia gangster who was on the run for 20 years after escaping a Roman prison, was caught on Google Street View leading a new life in Spain as “Manuel”

Gioacchino Gammino was spotted on Google Street View who lives in Spain (

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A notorious mafia gangster who has been on the run for almost 20 years has finally been arrested in Spain thanks to Google Street View.

Gioacchino Gammino was convicted of murder in Italy but escaped from prison in Rome in 2002 Day star.

He became one of Italy’s most wanted refugees but has now been caught by detectives who spotted him on a Google Maps Street View and was found to be using the false name Manuel.

The picture on Google allowed detectives in Italy to uncover his new life in Spain after he changed his name and opened his own shop.

Gammino kept his head bowed and for nearly two decades avoided suspicion in Galapagar, near the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Gammino had changed his name to “Manuel” and opened a grocery store



The 60-year-old used the name Manuel and opened a grocery store called El Huerto de Manu.

It was his grocery store that led to his arrest when detectives spotted him on Google Maps outside the store.

Gammino had also worked as a cook at a restaurant called Cocina de Manu, they said e-mail.

It is not known if the former Mafia man owned the establishment, but pictures on the Facebook page appear to show Gammino dressed as a chef.

According to the police, they could recognize Gammino by a scar on his chin



Cocina de Manu, which was rumored to have been closed for some time, displayed a menu with a design that resembled the iconic Godfather poster.

The police said they recognized Gammino by a scar on his chin.

His final arrest came on December 17, when the former gangster asked how the police found him in his new life after he had severed all contact with his family.

Gammino asked her, “’How did you find me? I haven’t even spoken to my family on the phone in the past 10 years. “

Gammino was put back behind bars, serving a prison sentence for murder


National police)

The gangster is now back behind bars to serve his life sentence for murder.

Gammino, who was part of the Agrigento Stidda clan, was also charged with drug trafficking and Mafia association when convicted in 1989.

He was found guilty of murdering a passerby in Campobello di Licata after mistaking the person for a rival Mafia group.

This marked the second time Gammino has been on the run after escaping to Barcelona on charges of murder.

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