Magic Leap Plans To Launch New Augmented Reality Glasses

Magic Leap is one of the companies that focuses more on augmented reality. It is a fact that little by little it is becoming the future, but the devices on the market now are not available to everyone. At the moment, the vast majority are left alone with the wonders of the various companies such as this ca, where we may have a new version of the Magic Leap which came out in 2018.

New AR glasses in sight

In the field of augmented reality, a race is underway among large companies, although it is true that models are already in use, but at the business level. And is that you may have heard of the famous Microsoft Hololens, whose role is well thought out for the workplace where you need remote assistance from a specialist to observe a problem and an operator to solve it.

But let’s focus on what’s important and that’s the launch of some new glasses from Magic Leap. The Plantación (Florida) company has announced that it is working on a new production line that will replace the current lenses on the market. No less than 500 million dollars has been collected for the preparation.

The company is very focused on that process where they want to improve the product that we saw in the past. At the moment there are few details the company has brought out in this regard, although what it has said is that they think they want to create a device that you can wear on your head all day long. Of course, this means improving the lightness of the device, increasing the field of view and improving visibility in bright environments.

It’s still early to predict more features and we can only wait for the company to reveal more data. At this point it is very likely that with some information we will see where we need to consider more details. What is clear is that the firm has decided it will focus its field efforts on:

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