'Magic' playing card signed by Prince William up for sale

A super rare playing card signed by Prince William is slated for up to £ 5,000 at auction.

The card – a two of spades – was signed by HRH as part of a magic trick at a London charity event.

It bears “WW” for “William Wales” and will be auctioned on June 24th after the magician contacts auction house Paul Fraser Collectibles.

The incredible collector’s item is one of the few that bears the signature of the future king – as royal protocol prohibits members of the royal family from signing autographs.

The bids have already hit £ 1,000 but the card is valued at up to £ 5,000 due to its rarity.

Well-known magician Ian Sav, the current owner of the card, described how he came up with such an impressive item after being invited to a party in London in 2005 with a high profile guest list.

He said, “I offered the prince to choose a card, the two of spades was chosen, and then I asked him to sign the card.

“A lot of different card manipulations took place up to the crescendo where the card disappeared from the deck.

“I looked the prince in the eye and explained that he had appeared folded in quarters under his watch – which it was.

“In complete shock, the stunned prince repeated ‘extraordinary!’ pronounced. “

Slight creases can be seen on the card – which Mr Sav explained was folded under Prince William’s clock.

The card also bears the signature of Lady Melissa Percy, an English fashion designer and former professional tennis player, who sat next to the prince at the table.

The magician stated that if the item is sold, he will donate a portion of the proceeds to Mind, a UK mental health charity.

Daniel Wade of Paul Fraser Collectibles says, “I’ve only handled one other signature from Prince William in my career – they’re so rare.

“Not only do you get a signature, but you also get a wonderful story.

“It’s just amazing.”


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