Major new Tier Two pub rule will cut short your visit

Drinkers visiting pubs in England’s Tier 2 regions are required to leave the premises as soon as they have finished eating.

Under the new post-lockdown policy, pubs in Tier 2 areas can only stay open if they can function as a restaurant and alcohol can only be served with a substantial meal.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman asked how long drinkers can stay in the pub after buying a substantial meal: “We have found that in Tier 2 I think you need a substantial meal if you order alcohol and it remains the case that the instructions say that eating is over at this point. “

More than 55 million people face tighter coronavirus restrictions in England after December 2, as Boris Johnson warned that easing in the New Year could lead to another national lockdown.

Only the Isle of Wight, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, which make up just over 1% of the UK population, are subject to the lightest Tier 1 restrictions.

Large parts of the Midlands, Northeast and Northwest are in the most restrictive Level 3, but the majority of people – including London – will be in Level 2.

Speaking at a press conference on Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “I am sorry to confirm that most of England will be in the top two with the toughest action on Wednesday.

“And I know this will bring a lot of heartache and frustration, especially for our vital hospitality industry.”

But he warned: “If we slack off now, we risk losing control of this virus again, tossing aside our hard-won gains and sliding ourselves back into a national New Year’s lockdown with all the damage that would mean.”

23.3 million people – 41.5% of the population of England – will be in Tier 3, while 32 million people – 57.3% – will be in Tier 3.

In Tier 1, the rule of six applies indoors and outdoors. People are encouraged to work from home when they can and the pubs are limited to table service.

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In Tier 2, the restrictions include a ban on indoor mixing by households, while pubs and restaurants can only sell alcohol with a “large meal”.

Tier 3 measures mean a ban on mixing households, except in certain circumstances such as in parks.

Bars and restaurants are limited to takeaway or delivery services, and it is recommended that you avoid traveling outside of their area.

Shops and schools will remain open in all areas.


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